Philanthropic Support for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

After the 2008 floods, the Community Foundation emerged as a vital resource for the nonprofits leading response and recovery efforts. Since then, we’ve built upon our knowledge and connections to provide transformational philanthropic support in times of crisis. We participate in many partnerships and learning cohorts so we are prepared for community response after future disasters.

The Philanthropic Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Partnership

In 2014, the Community Foundation was invited to join the Philanthropic Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Partnership (PPREP)—a cohort of 23 Midwestern funders who have responded to significant disasters. Participating in PPREP connects us to up-to-date resources and best practices, helping us lead the philanthropic response to disasters in Linn County.  

Sunset after disaster.
Linn County aerial photo.

Linn Area Partners Active In Disaster

After the 2008 floods, local organizations formed Linn Area Partners Active in Disaster (LAP-AID) to address unmet needs in Linn County. Today the coalition of 40+ organizations, including the Community Foundation, continues to equip our community with coordinated disaster response.

LAP-AID Inclusion Cohort

This LAP-AID Inclusion Cohort is intended to reach non-included communities and engage them in disaster resilience training and connection. The cohort creates connections with groups who are “on the outside” of the resources and systems that can support disaster resilience and recovery.

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