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Donor-Advised Funds Make Giving Easy and Efficient

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A Donor-Advised Fund is a flexible and convenient way to help strengthen your community. You can contribute almost any kind of asset to the fund, and these contributions are generally tax-deductible. Funds can be invested to grow over time, and every year you get to recommend grants to qualifying organizations.  

What are the Benefits of Donor-Advised Funds?


You can contribute a wide range of assets whenever it works for you. You can also recommend grants on your schedule, allowing you to respond to our community’s changing needs and opportunities. 


Establishing an endowed donor-advised fund in your family’s name creates a legacy of giving that will last forever. Community Foundation staff are trained to help you engage the next generation in charitable giving, and you can name children or grandchildren as the fund’s successor advisors.  


With one gift, you can support several causes and organizations, simplifying your tax-filing process. The Community Foundation handles fund administration, grantmaking due diligence, and investment management. And, we can ensure you get the recognition (or anonymity) that you desire.  

“Through the Community Foundation, we could set up a donor-advised fund that could give support to several organizations while also growing. The organizations we were already giving to will receive more support from the same size gift.”  

Brian and Julie Privett

Is There a Minimum Amount to Open a Donor-Advised Fund? 

The minimum gift to establish a Donor-Advised Fund with the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation is $10,000. 

To help donors start their journey to establish a fund, the Community Foundation offers a Prairie Fund option. With an initial gift of $2,500, you can make regular contributions over five years. When the fund reaches $10,000, it will become a named fund and you will be able to start making grants from your fund.   

There are Many Ways to Make a Gift 

There are a variety of ways to give to your Donor-Advised Fund. We accept gifts of cash, as well as stocks, mutual funds, real estate, retirement assets, and even cryptocurrency. Our team can help you determine the best type of gift for your personal situation.  

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