About the Cohort


The LAP-AID Inclusion Cohort convenes community organizers from traditionally non-included communities to create an environment of collective learning and connection to community and resources that can support disaster resilience and recovery.

Identified Need

After the derecho that hit Linn County, Iowa in August 2020, the Linn County and City of Cedar Rapids action reports, along with LAP-AID (Linn Area Partners Active In Disaster) participants, identified a disconnect with some populations across our community – particularly those with cultural or historical differences, language barriers, and special needs – regarding their awareness of the assistance and resources available to them in disasters.

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation’s participation in the Philanthropic Preparedness, Resiliency, and Emergency Partnership (PPREP) group, a project of The Funders Network, provided an opportunity to receive grant funding to convene an Inclusion Cohort to address this identified need.


The LAP-AID Inclusion Cohort will be held in early 2023 and will consist of several group meetings. Up to 10 people will be invited to participate in the Cohort. We will work with Cohort members to set monthly meeting dates between January and April 2023.

Traditionally non-included communities of focus as identified by LAP-AID are older adults with disabilities or barriers, immigrants, cultural groups, medically vulnerable, and grassroots organizations. The Community Foundation seeks to strengthen the stability and connections of these groups by convening current and new partners through this Cohort. The Cohort learning includes a focus on communications and equity and aims to strengthen connections to each other, the broader community, and the network of care and resources.


The ideal candidate for the Cohort is a person within a Linn County community who is the point of connection within that group –has broad, deep relationships and trust within a community, and tends to be the connection to many things. The person is a member of the identified community; speaks the language of the community (literal or figurative); and has “lived experience.”  Their community is traditionally non-included in connections and relationships where information flows. The community member/organizer is willing to serve as liaison between LAP-AID and the community as a communicator and convener. Through the grant support, we have funding for interpreters and seek to work with those who may have other barriers to participation.

Benefits for Participants

Benefits of Cohort participation are compensation of $500 and connection to resources and systems that will benefit their community.


LAP-AID (Linn Area Partners Active In Disaster) is the Linn County community-based action group consisting of area partners that utilize their expertise and resources to help our community respond and recover from disaster, and build resilience for potential disasters. LAP-AID consists of a variety of active teams including the Vulnerable Populations team. This Inclusion Cohort will be part of that team. To learn more about LAP-AID, click here.

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