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Trusted stewards of your gifts to the community

We take seriously our role as stewards of your gifts to the community. Endowed funds are invested in a manner that preserves and enhances the value of the initial gifts while allowing for annual distributions. Globally diversified and managed with the appropriate oversight, our Endowment Pool is here to support the community forever.

Investment Pool Options

The Community Foundation offers several types of funds to help donors meet philanthropic goals and organizations pursue their missions. To ensure these funds are meeting the needs of fundholders, we have also created several investment pools.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing

All Community Foundation investments are made for growth and security. With ESG investing, we also consider the societal impact of those investments.

Logo for Fund Evaluation Group

Our Investment Manager, Fund Evaluation Group

Carefully chosen and regularly reviewed, our investment consultant provides world-class fund management and a wide range of investment strategies.

Investment Pool Quarterly Summaries

Investment Consultant Tim O’Donnell provides regular updates on the performance of all CommunityFoundation investments.

Trusted and Experienced Investment Team

Knowledgeable volunteers and nonprofit leaders provide investment oversight, ensuring we’re always acting in the best interest of the organizations and community we serve.

Questions? We’re Here to Help.

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