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Our Commitment to an Inclusive Linn County

The Facts of Racial Disparities in Linn County

Research shows that racial disparities persist at the local, state, and national levels in a wide range of categories—everything from employment and income to school discipline and health. We gathered some of that research in a report that illustrates the need for racial equity work in our community.

Image of the cover for the Advancing Racial Equity in Linn County data report.
Photo of a tour of the Redlining Exhibit at the African American Museum of Iowa.

A Look Within: How the Community Foundation is Making Adjustments from the Inside Out  

Since 2018, we’ve been working to make our processes and practices more equitable. We’re committed to making Linn County a place where everyone can thrive, and we know that work starts with ourselves. Racial equity is an organizational priority, woven into everything we do, and we’re always looking to learn how we can better serve everyone in our community.

Helping Nonprofits Build Equitable Practices

We’re here to invest in Linn County’s future. To create a future that is equitable and inclusive, we prioritize grant funding for nonprofits that are actively working to improve organizational equity and justice practices. We’re also committed to providing learning and funding resources to assist in this transformational process.

Representation Matters: Okpara and Les 

In 2022, Okpara Rice was the first Black Board Chair in the Community Foundation’s history. Former President & CEO Les Garner sat down with Okpara to talk about our racial equity work, why representation matters, and the path ahead for our community.

Photo of Les Garner and Okpara Rice recording a video podcast.

“About five years ago, my two sons were in my office, and they were playing CEO. For them, they don’t know any different, they don’t see a ceiling; a black person can be a CEO, and they can aspire to that. But as I look at my own childhood, I didn’t see those examples around me. And so the symbolism for young people is huge, and it opens the doors for the people behind you.”  

Okpara Rice
Community Foundation Past Board Chair
Photo of Okpara Rice.
Photo of Anthony Arrington standing outside.

Learning & Events 

To help our community pursue a more equitable and just future, we connect donors, nonprofits, and local leaders to experts and up-to-date information. View recordings of past Community Learning Series and Nonprofit Know-How events to see how we bring awareness and inspiration to Linn County.

Equity Learning Resources

No matter where your organization is at in the effort to establish more equitable practices, we strive to provide you with the resources you need to engage in this meaningful work. 

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