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Find the Right Gift for You

There are a variety of ways to make a gift. While cash is the most common, you may not be aware of the advantages of donating other assets. Many options can provide income during your lifetime or significant tax benefits—or both. We can help you determine the best type of gift for your personal situation.

Gifts for Today

Cash and Cash Equivalents

Cash, usually in the form of a check or credit card, is a convenient and common way to give. If you itemize your deductions on your federal income tax return, you may take a charitable gift deduction for the amount of your gift.


Gifts of stock, appreciated stock or mutual funds can make an ideal charitable gift for both the donor and the nonprofit. Here is our Stock Transfer Information Sheet.

Real Estate

Real estate can be used to create a significant charitable legacy. It is one of the most beneficial charitable gifts for both the donor and the nonprofit.

Closely Held Securities

Owners of closely held securities, such as S Corporations (S Corps) stock, have the option to give this to the Community Foundation.

Gifts of Grain

Gifts of farm crops can make excellent assets to donate.


Gifts of cryptocurrency can be used to establish or grow a fund. To learn more, click here.

Gifts for Tomorrow

Beneficiary Designation of Retirement Assets

One of the easiest ways to leave a charitable gift is to designate the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of an IRA, annuity or retirement plan.


Donors may choose to make an estate gift to the Community Foundation through a will or living trust.

Life Insurance & Life Insurance Beneficiary

Donating a life insurance policy allows donors to make a more significant charitable gift than they ever thought possible.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a way to make a significant charitable gift and receive a steady income stream in return.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a way to make a significant charitable gift with a variety of assets and receive income in return.

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Explore the Many Types of Gifts We Accept

There are more details and some complexities in each of the gifts we accept.

We can help you determine the best type of gift for your situation.

Make a Gift In Memory or In Honor

Any of the gifts we accept can be made in memory or honor of a loved one, or to commemorate a special milestone or event. The gifts can be made to an existing fund or you may choose to establish a special fund.

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