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We build relationships to develop better solutions for the future

Our Purpose

We are here to strengthen our community through philanthropy. Through grants to nonprofits and investments in community initiatives, we’re helping create a more vibrant and inclusive Linn County.

What We Do

The Community Foundation works to improve the quality of life in communities by bringing people together in pursuit of the greater good. We invest in local nonprofits and connect donors to causes they care about, creating a stronger future for our community. Here is what we do:

“We exist at the intersection of donors, nonprofits, and the community. We are a place where community transformation can happen as long as we listen to and are responsive to the people in our community. Our possibilities are nearly boundless when we bring these activities together.”

Karla Twedt-Ball
President & CEO
Photo of Karla Twedt-Ball

We Provide Support for Affiliate Foundations

Community foundations create opportunities for rural counties to utilize local philanthropic resources. With affiliate endowment funds, these communities are growing strong, sustainable sources of income for their future. Learn more about the affiliate foundations we provide support for.

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