New Website Helps Connect Donors to Community Needs

Published: July 5, 2023 | By: Drew Morton | Category:

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation recently unveiled a new website. The new site, still at, offers many new features and resources.

“A few of our goals were to streamline information for users, strengthen our identity, help donors easily connect to community needs, and to make it inclusive with accessibility options,” said Corinne Ramler, Vice President of Marketing and Communications.

The site features an online giving hub called the Nonprofit Giving Center, where donors can search for charitable needs and opportunities in Linn County. Users can search for a nonprofit organization by name, or they can search by a topic they are interested in supporting to see the nonprofits in our area that provide those services. Nonprofit organizations will manage the information on their page, highlighting how the community can support them. For organizations that hold funds at the Community Foundation, donors will be able to contribute to those funds directly from the Giving Center.

In addition, a Nonprofit Calendar has been added for community members to see upcoming fundraising events and other ways to support nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations serving Linn County are invited to add events and fundraisers to the calendar.

In addition to new content and additional resources for donors and nonprofits, a new suite of accessibility features ensures all community members can use the website. Visitors can select from a range of features to improve their experience including language translation, as well as options for users who are visually impaired, motor impaired, dyslexic, color blind, or epileptic to name a few.  

“The new website makes it easier than ever to find the tools you need to make a difference in the community,” Corinne said. “The enhanced browsing experience helps users learn and explore opportunities to deepen their impact.”

In the weeks ahead, Community Foundation will continue to work with organizations to add to the Nonprofit Calendar and the Nonprofit Giving Center.

Visit the Nonprofit Giving Center and the Nonprofit Calendar to search for a nonprofit fund, organization, cause, or event to support.