Outgoing and Incoming Board Members

Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation | January 25th, 2018

At its Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, December 20, 2017, the Community Foundation celebrated the tenures of three exiting Board members including Chris Skogman, John Osako, and Kevin Welu.  Les Garner expressed the Community Foundation’s gratitude for their service on the board. All three members have served in leadership roles. Both Chris and Kevin are Past-Board Chairs and John has served as Chair of the Committee on Grantmaking and Community Leadership. The Community Foundation asked each of them to share what they’ve learned during their time on at the Board, and what they’d like the community to know. To view those videos, click here.

The Community Foundation is pleased to welcome four new Board members including:

Jasmine Almoayed, City of Cedar Rapids

Molly Altorfer, Common Sense Advertising

Jim Choate, Kirkwood Community College

Mike Sheeley, United Life Insurance Company

We look forward to working with these committed and engaged community members.

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