Jewel Plumb

Published: May 27, 2015 | By: Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation | Category:

Why is charitable giving important to you?

My husband’s parents were people that loved to give, they loved to give to education. And we learned that when you have, you give.

What are your charitable passions?

Theater Cedar Rapids, the symphony, the Art Museum and Brucemore. The symphony will designated that if there is a child that is very passionate about music but possibly needs some help, they will take them under their wing, give them instruments and give them lessons. And give them the opportunity to establish and to do good with the gift that they have.

Why did you give through the Community Foundation?

These places will be getting money perpetually. Every year it’s invested, and the proceeds of the investment come back to the community and they will be getting money from this gift.

What do you want your giving to achieve?

I want it to achieve a love of the arts. I want it to achieve happiness. It is for other people, too. For enjoyment; for other people to have a lot of enjoyment.

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