Our Investment Consultant: Fund Evaluation Group

FEG is an independent, employee-owned investment advisory firm that serves more than 230 clients, including 44 community foundations. With input from Community Foundation staff and committees, FEG develops and carries out investment strategies.

Tim O’Donnell, our FEG consultant, oversees all Community Foundation investments and provides quarterly updates on performance and strategy.

Photo of Tim O'Donnell.
Tim O’Donnell, FEG Senior Vice President

Investment Committee

Responsible for managing the Community Foundation’s investments, the Investment Committee is comprised of current and past Board members who work with staff and advisors to set policy, establish performance benchmarks, and monitor the performance of the Community Foundation’s portfolio.

Nonprofit Investment Advisory Council

The Nonprofit Investment Advisory Council provides a nonprofit perspective and recommendations to the Investment Committee. The NIAC meets regularly with our investment consultant and is made up of representatives from small, medium, and large nonprofit fund holders.

Questions? We’re Here to Help!

Internally, our Finance Team oversees investments, budgeting, and tax compliance. This highly-qualified team ensures we are always good stewards of your gifts to the community.

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