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The Community Foundation offers several types of funds to help donors meet philanthropic goals and organizations fulfill their missions. To ensure these funds are meeting the needs of fund holders, we have also created a number of investment pools.

Endowed Funds

Endowment Pool

The Endowment Pool is designed to be long-term in nature and capital appreciation is the primary goal. The portfolio makes investments in both traditional and alternative asset classes. This pool is for permanent endowments, where the time horizon is in perpetuity.

ESG Pool

The ESG Pool is designed to be long-term in nature with expected returns similar to the Endowment Pool. In addition to traditional financial analysis, investment managers consider Environmental, Social and Governance factors in an effort to reduce risk, enhance enterprise value and benefit society. This portfolio invests in global publicly traded securities.

Quasi-Endowed Funds

Moderate Pool

At approximately 50% equities, the Moderate Pool is designed to have a lower return and lower risk profile than the Endowment Pool. This portfolio holds similar investments to the Endowment Pool, except that its investments in alternative classes are all publicly traded. For individuals, this Pool is recommended for quasi-endowed funds. For nonprofits, this pool is recommended for reserve funds where the time horizon for use is 5 to 10 years.

Conservative Pool

At approximately 90% fixed income, preservation of capital is more important than maximizing returns for the Conservative Pool. Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Gift Annuities are invested in this Pool. For nonprofits, this Pool is recommended for reserve funds where the time horizon for use is 3 to 5years.

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