Grant Criteria


Rapid Response Grants (formerly President’s Grants) support emergency expenses and emerging opportunities for nonprofit organizations in Linn County, Iowa. This fund is intended for infrequent use in unique circumstances.  Opportunities that can be or could have been submitted within a grant cycle are not eligible for Rapid Response Grants.


Rapid Response Grants applications are accepted from nonprofit organizations with current 501(c)(3) status.

Project Eligibility

  • Emergency Expenses: These are expenses resulting from unexpected circumstances that put the organization itself in jeopardy and/or are addressing a life-or-death situation.
  • Emerging Opportunities:  Due to changing community circumstances an unexpected opportunity occurs or the need for a new program or service arises. Funding is needed to take advantage of the opportunity, provide the service or start the program while other funding sources are sought.
    • The opportunity could not have been anticipated in the course of an organization’s typical annual planning.
    • It must be a time-sensitive situation of broad community importance.

Maximum Request Amount and Duration of Grant

$2,500 and up to 12 months

Frequency of Application

Organizations may receive one Rapid Response Grant in a 12-month period.


Applications are accepted as needed and will be reviewed in a timely manner, usually within two weeks.

Grantmaking Equity Statement

The Community Foundation is committed to ensuring equity in our grantmaking strategy. Review the Grantmaking Equity Statement adopted by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors here.


To apply for a Rapid Response Grant, please submit a one-page letter explaining the request, how it meets eligibility criteria listed above, and an explanation of the costs included in the request. New organizations should also provide a brief description of the organization – how it started, its purpose, list of officers and projects.

How to Submit

Send an e-mail to Casey Baustian at


Mail to:

Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
Attn: Grant Program Department
324 3rd St SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Questions? Contact Us.

Photo of Casey Baustian

Casey Baustian, MSW
Program Officer


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