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Partner with Us to Manage Your Client’s Assets

Through the Community Foundation’s Charitable Investment Partners Program, your clients can simplify their charitable giving by establishing a fund at the Community Foundation while you continue to manage their assets. This is available for funds greater than $250,000 with the request made at the time of the gift.

How It Works

  • We establish an investment account with you, and you provide investment services. The assets in the donor’s fund remain under your management.
  • Your clients establish a fund at the Community Foundation, receive maximum tax benefits and enjoy access to our team of experts to assist in their strategic giving, as desired by the client.
  • If your clients establish Endow Iowa qualified funds, they are eligible to receive a 25% Endow Iowa tax credit in addition to normal federal charitable income tax deductions.
  • Your clients recommend grants from the fund to support the causes they care about.
  • Your clients can access information about their funds online at any time through our online donor portal here. As your client’s trusted advisor, you may also be granted access to this portal.
  • Investment performance information is provided to clients through your organization.

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