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Published: December 8, 2023 | By: Drew Morton | Category:
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While establishing a charitable fund is an easy process, many who give through the Community Foundation do so with care and planning. Our Development Team works with donors and their advisors to outline philanthropic goals, establish a legacy of giving, and create a personalized plan that works for them. Michelle Beisker, Senior Vice President of Development, answered a few questions on why donors and professional advisors partner with the Community Foundation.

Q: Charitable giving is sometimes surprisingly complex; how do you help donors and their advisors navigate the process?

A: We can help donors figure out how to turn their passions into a charitable giving plan, and we’re also trained in facilitating conversations with their families and advisors. We can accept complex gifts, and our range of fund options can simplify tax and estate planning. Without the Community Foundation, such giving strategies would need to be done through a private foundation, which can be much more complicated.

Q: Donor-advised funds are also available through financial service companies; why do donors choose the Community Foundation?

A: The Community Foundation is a great fit for those interested in local, personalized giving. We live here, and we care about serving this community. We can help donors understand and stay up to date on Linn County’s needs and opportunities, and our policies ensure that your intentions as a donor will always be honored, even after you pass. 

Q: We talk a lot about philanthropic legacy; how do you define that? 

A: Philanthropic legacy combines gift planning and grantmaking to support a donor’s goals following their lifetime. By thinking ahead about estate plans, donors can optimize tax planning and make a lasting impact. The result is a philanthropic plan that works for you, your family, and your community. Many donors find it rewarding to know that their gifts will benefit the community forever. 

Q: Why do donors use the Community Foundation for establishing their legacy?

A: Through a letter of intent—which donors can amend during their lifetime—donors can be sure that we understand and will honor their philanthropic priorities. We’re an endowed foundation, which means you can be sure we will be here to serve Linn County forever. Perhaps the most well-known legacy at the Community Foundation is that of William Quarton, who gave through the Community Foundation because he understood the importance of equipping Linn County with the resources to respond to future challenges and opportunities. 

Q: What do donors tell you they appreciate about the Community Foundation?

A: Donors appreciate staff knowledge of local needs and opportunities and our ability to connect them to nonprofit organizations that align with their passions. Donors often come to us looking to optimize their tax planning, and we help them do so in a way that serves the community and is rewarding for them. 

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