Grant Application Deadlines to Change in 2023

Published: December 13, 2022 | By: Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation | Category:

To better align grant opportunities with the fiscal years of nonprofits, the Community Foundation is making changes to the number and timing of grant deadlines in 2023.

The 2023 grant deadlines will be March 1, June 30, and September 12. The Community Foundation’s competitive grant deadlines will be March 1 and September 12. Some Competitive Donor-Advised Funds will accept applications in the summer on June 30.

2023 Competitive Grant Programs:

The competitive grant programs are supported by the Greater Good Fund and other Field of Interest funds, and are designed to support a wide range of programs, projects, and organizations. While organizations will have four grant opportunities per year between Program Support Grants and Organization Support Grants, they will be limited to two active grants from these funds at any given time.

March 1

June 30

September 12

Program Support Grants

Organization Support Grants

Endowment Challenge Grants

Linn County Grants

Rapid Response Grants

Accepted as needed, once per 12-month period

Disaster Recovery Grants

Accepted as needed


2023 Competitive Donor-Advised Funds:

The Community Foundation accepts grant applications for a number of corporations and family foundations. The funding priorities, criteria and amounts awarded are determined by the donor-advisor.

March 1

June 30

September 12

Altorfer, Inc.

Bloomhall Family

CRST International

Diamond V

GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation

Lil’ Drug Store Products

McGrath Automotive Group

World Class Industries


The Community Foundation has other grant programs available for specific community partnerships or purposes. The Community Foundation will be working on updating the website with new 2023 dates, applications and contacts over the next week.

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