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Wings2Water's mission is to reduce nutrient (pollution) runoff and flood impacts, restore water quality in the Mississippi River watershed, and eliminate the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Our goals include improving and/or protecting water quality and educating others about the need for cleaner water.

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Wings2Water is a unique, nonprofit, grassroots organization dedicated to reducing nutrient (pollution) runoff and flood impacts, restoring water quality, and eliminating the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Founded at the Eastern Iowa Airport, we educate travelers and guests at airports about water quality issues while also crowdfunding in a simple, easy-to-use “round-up” transaction program. Through donations, partnerships, and other contributions, the funds raised support local, regional, and national projects and initiatives that further the Wings2Water mission of funding projects that improve water quality or spread awareness about the issues and solutions through programming.

The Mississippi River watershed impacts 2/3 of the United States, with 159 airports located within the watershed. We are all downstream and can work together to restore our water quality.

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