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Waypoint "inspires people to move forward" through Housing Services, Domestic Violence Victim Services, Survivors' Program, and KidsPoint Child Care.

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Waypoint (formerly the YWCA) was established in 1894, and in the early days, women who migrated to the area for employment turned to the organization for help. Over the first 50 years, Waypoint’s focus evolved from fancywork, dress-making, and music to physical fitness, self-improvement, and community outreach.

In the 1970s, Waypoint responded to the community’s increasing demand for critical services by beginning to address domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness. A child care center was also created at that time to support working families.

2001 marked the year when Waypoint disaffiliated from the YWCA to solely concentrate on critical needs in the community.

Today, Waypoint upholds its tradition of improving lives through the following programs:

These programs, serving over 17,000 people in total each year, embody national best-practices, research-based approaches, and decades of experience keeping a finger on the pulse of the community.

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