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Riverview Center Sexual Assault/Abuse Crisis Intervention Services

Riverview Center has been providing the free and confidential services survivors of sexual violence deserve since 1992.

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Riverview Center Sexual Assault/Abuse Crisis Intervention Services


Recovery looks and feels different for each survivor. Advocacy has many dimensions, but is rooted in assisting each survivor in their individual healing process. Self-determination and autonomy, feeling heard and validated, and social support are important factors in healing that our advocates can provide. Advocates provide information for survivors for all available options – survivors determine their plan of action.

Legal Processes – It is a survivor’s legal right, as the survivor of a crime, to have an advocate by their side as they navigate the criminal justice system.

Medical Accompaniment- Advocates can provide support at the hospital should the survivor decide to receive medical care following sexual abuse or assault.

Social Service Support/Basic Needs – Trauma can impact any or all aspects of someone’s life. Riverview Center’s advocates discuss potential needs with survivors and coordinate with other community agencies to ensure all of their needs are met.

Riverview Center’s therapy and counseling support is available for survivors when they want it – whether the abuse occurred last night or decades before. Service plans are based on survivor’s strengths and goals, and are guided by the survivor’s vision for their healing, at their pace. Some therapy methods include art, sand tray, EMDR, play, family and group therapy services. These services are also available for non-offending family and friends of the survivor who were also impacted.

Outreach Services

All survivors deserve access to support after assault/abuse, including those who:
• Live in rural areas
• Are college students
• Identify as LGBTQIA+
• Identify as a person of color
• Speak a language other than English
• Are immigrants
• Are incarcerated
• Are differently abled

We provide services at confidential spaces in schools, libraries, churches, prisons, other social service agencies and other locations to meet survivors’ needs.

Education & Professional Trainings
People of all ages and backgrounds can play a vital role in keeping their communities safe. Riverview Center’s staff engage with schools, businesses, faith communities, social services agencies, and more to provide education on a wide variety of topics. Contact Riverview Center if you are interested in scheduling programming for your organization.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteers provide essential valuable support for survivors. Riverview Center works to utilize volunteers’ skills to engage them in all aspects of our work to meet the needs of survivors, to address exclusionary systems, to create safe and inclusive spaces, and to prevent violence for generations to come. To change lives today, please contact our volunteer coordinator at 319-349-1949.

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