What is a Signature Fund? 

A Signature Fund gives you the name recognition of a private foundation, along with the privacy, flexibility and tax advantages of a donor-advised fund.  In addition, you get our team of experts to help guide and implement your giving.  

How It Works

  • IDENTIFY: You can select the name of your signature fund, and you even have the option of using the word “foundation” in the name. We’ll create customized stationery to use for all grant correspondence, and grant checks will bear the fund’s name.
  • PLAN: Signature Funds are a great way to establish your legacy, and the Community Foundation can provide resources and training to help you involve the next generation in your philanthropy. Signature Funds can be endowed to support the community forever, or distributed on a timeline you choose.  
  • INVEST: Your foundation or fund’s assets can be invested in one of four investment pools to match your investment goals and grantmaking intentions, which can be changed annually. You may also elect to maintain the investment managed by your current financial advisor. 
  • EXPLORE: Our team of experts can help you explore the causes and organizations that resonate with you and your family. We can also help you set philanthropic goals and find the appropriate giving opportunities. 
  • GRANT: When you’re ready, you can recommend grants from your Signature Fund to qualifying nonprofit organizations. You also have the option to streamline all grant requests through a competitive process that the Community Foundation administers, allowing you to make grant decisions once annually.

Why Choose a Signature Fund Over a Private Foundation?  

Signature Funds offer all the same advantages of a private foundation, plus the flexibility, simplified administration, and philanthropic guidance that the Community Foundation provides. With a Signature Fund, you can establish your family’s philanthropic identity in the community, and our team of experts will be here to help you along the way.  

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