2019 Minnie Rubek Staff Excellence Award

Tim Feldmann
Workforce Specialist
Tanager Place

For the last 11 years, Tim Feldmann has worked to heal children and inspire his coworkers. As a Workforce Specialist at Tanager Place, Tim is responsible for recruitment and retention of treatment counselors in the inpatient program—a field that typically sees high turnover. His success in reducing that turnover comes from a background in counseling and an ability to inspire fellow youth workers.

Tim joined Tanager Place in 2008 as a treatment counselor—a job with high physical and emotional demands. In just ten months, he was promoted to Assistant Program Supervisor, where he oversaw other treatment counselors. After nine years, Tim was promoted to his current role. “A lot of people here will tell you that they look up to Tim,” says Okpara Rice, Tanager Place CEO. “Because of him, they stay in the profession even when it becomes tough.”

Besides recruiting counselors, Tim also teaches de-escalation techniques, which help create a safe and productive environment for both youth and counselors. In his commitment to helping every child that comes to Tanager Place, Tim often steps in to help de-escalate situations himself. His leadership has made an impact on many young professionals and the youth they serve. “Much of his work is not easily visible to the community or even others in our organization,” says Okpara. “But Tim continuously goes above and beyond in his efforts to advance the mission of the organization.”