Learning Network

Nonprofit LEARNING Network logo-finalPurpose:

Strengthen nonprofit organizations by working with area professional development and educational organizations to provide opportunities for ongoing learning for nonprofit professionals and board members.

Why a Learning Network?

The Nonprofit Network strongly believes in continued learning for nonprofit professionals in our community. We also believe there are many organizations that already offer highly beneficial training programs and learning opportunities for the nonprofit sector. Through our Nonprofit Learning Network, we seek to collaborate with such organizations to insure that nonprofit organizations have access to workshops, presentations and training series that cover a broad variety of topics of interest and meet the professional development needs of those organizations. Our hope is that in working with these partners we can help build the organizational capacity of nonprofits in our community.


That being said, the Nonprofit Network will not so much fill the role as training program provider, but rather as a connector for nonprofits to information on all the various professional development opportunities available in the Corridor and beyond. The Community Foundation’s Nonprofit Network will seek to partner strategically with organizations that already provide highly regarded learning programs.


We are developing an advisory committee which will consider partnership opportunities that are presented to the Nonprofit Network. They will also guide us through a yearly evaluation process of the overall professional development options for the nonprofit sector so that we might identify gaps and other training needs. Based on what we find from such evaluations, the Nonprofit Network may on occasion be the presenter of a learning opportunity.


Current partners include:


Carrie Walker, Nonprofit Network Coordinator: 319.774.2375/carrie.walker@gcrcf.org