Alex Strait Memorial Fund for Indian Creek Nature Center
In honor of Marlyse Strait
Christine Keeran

Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre Friends Fund
In honor of Haley Stamats
Bill and Anne Stamats

Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundation Friends Fund
In honor of Harriet Kalinsky
Sue and Ronald Reider

Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra Friends Fund
In honor of Tim Hankewich
Susan and David Gehring

Community Endowment Fund
In honor of Marty Lenss
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids

Dr. Ralph Plagman Scholarship Fund
In honor of Ralph Plagman
Thomas Bollinger and Amy Dudgeon
Marjorie Fletcher
Meryn Fluker
Lynn Wickham Hartman and Carl Hartman
Jeff and Carolyn Henry
Mark and Stephanie Johnson
Wallace and Beth Lynn Sheets
Laurie Stepanek
Washington High School PTA

Jerry Oakland Fund
In honor of Jerry Oakland
Marjorie Fletcher

John and Cynthia Bloomhall Endowed Designated Education Fund
In honor of Mick Starcevich
Susan Ziemianski
In honor of Brian Bruder
Cheryl Baker
Maryann and Christopher Beck
Alan and Kristina Birnbrauer
Brian Birnbrauer
Robert and Nancy Birnbrauer
Jeffery and Margaret Bozzi
BroadBase Solutions, Inc.
Anna and Michael Brogan
James and Marisa Bruder
Jim and Ali Bruder
John Bruder
Lisa Bruder
Michael Bruder
Thomas and Elin Bruder
Timothy Bruder
Patrick Burns
Cecilia Buschmeier
Emily Buschmeier
Frank and Maria Caiola
Mary and Michael Cooper
Sara Cooper
Brent Davis and Christina Kelly
Bryan and Michele Dempsey
John and Krista Devlin
Joan and Fred Dewey
Melissa and Mark DiRado
Kay and Corky Edwards
Gary and Kathleen Foster
Stephen and Mary Gaffney
Todd Gannon
Golf Buddies
Albert and Sonia Grabish
Amy Grabish
Ana and Michael Grabish
Beatrice Grabish
Franny Grabish
John and Erin Grabish
John Grabish
Peter and Wendy Haabestad
Raymond and Bernadette Haertsch
Helen Hoban
Beatrice Hogan
Joseph and Mary Clare Hogan
Colleen Hutchinson
Leesa Kaufman
Jennifer Kennedy
Lee and Danielle Klein
Michelle and Mark Kochanowicz
Susan Kravitz
Mary Alice and Eric LaMorte
Kristin and Matthew Logan
Michele and David Mariano
Kelly Marriott
Rosemary McCarty
Joseph and Cathleen McErlean
Daniel and Donna McMahon
Michael and Margaret Medernach
Nimi Meschke
Michelle Meyer
James and Stefanie Micilcavage
Andrew and Susan Mitala
Stacey Morettini
Coleen Murphy
Jeanine Murphy
Janice Nader
Michael Nash
Keith and Kristin Neiswender
Margaret Anne and Jim Nolen
Cynthia and Brian O’Hare
Jill and Paul Olsen
George and Gail Ozorowski
P.J. Ryan’s
Diane Paolucci
Brian and Adrienne Patti
Jason and Katy Peck
Michelle and Steven Petko
Amy and Andrew Peyton
David and Kelly Ranney
John and Mary Reimold
Frank and Kelly Rezza
John and Charlene Richter
Jonathan and Melissa Ritrovato
Thomas and Elizabeth Runfola
Anthony and Cheryl Ryan
Joseph and Elizabeth Ryan
Mary Christina Ryan
Mary Ellen Ryan
Thomas and Marguerite Ryan
Sally Ryan McNichol
Sea View Hotel Inc.
Bridget and Joseph Shanley
Azalea Sharifi
James and Carolyn Shaud
Joseph and Lenore Stepenosky
Tech Force 3, Inc
James and Lynn Tegler
Tom and Colleen Tegler
The Rebkee Company
Kelly Thompson
Diane and John Toomey
Edward Varley
Kelly and Dante Volpe
Donna and Robert Waldron
Liz Warnek Mincarelli
June Waters
Paul and Lynn Wichert
Patrick Wilkinson
June Wilson
In honor of Connor Reese
Mitchell Hert
Russell and Lauren Hert
Rita and James Pepe
Michele Peri
In honor of Dalton Ledford
Sheila Ledford
In honor of Danny Harris
Paul and Alison Demyanovich
In honor of David Yates
Debby and John Miljavac
Larry Miljavac
Mary Jo and Tom Yates
In honor of Jeniphr Breckenridge and Mark Lanning
Dean and Dorris Lanning
In honor of Jenna Smith
In honor of Kristyn Wheeler
John and Jean Seabeck
In honor of Lynne Lanning and Richard Smith
Julie Gibbs
Leila Mankarious Rome and Jamie Rome
In honor of Sarah Hiniker
Joyce and Leonard Jandik
In honor of Zachary Smith
Debbie and Bob Lutz

Mount Vernon Volunteer Firefighters Association Friends Fund
In honor of Jake Buster
Polly Buster

Patterson Family Endowed Fund
In honor of Kathy Hall
Marion and Rich Patterson

Trees Forever Endowment Challenge Grant Fund
In honor of All Trees Forever Staff
Ric and Betty Zarwell
In honor of Bill and Alice Hasenyager
Jo Avey

West Side Rising Monument Fund
In honor of Karr Family
Don Karr