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For more information on submitting a grant report, please contact your Program Officer or Bernadette Gladish.

Bernadette Gladish
Grants and Programs Manager




The Community Foundation has three goals related to grant reports. First, we are eager to read the story of the funded grant. Second, we want both the Community Foundation and the nonprofit organization to learn from the story because we believe that evaluation at its best informs learning and drives improvement. Lastly, when possible, we use the information to share the story with our donors and the broader community. Not every grant will be a success, no matter how well it is planned, but failure can produce learning that will lead to better results in the future.

Most grants awarded by the Community Foundation require a completed grant report at the end of the funding period. The due date is stated in the grant award letter. Here are the final report requirements by fund type:

Program Support Grants, Organization Support Grants for Capacity-Building, and Linn County Grants
Reports submitted online through website portal

Organization Support Grants for General Operating Support
Reports submitted by email in Word document here

Rapid Response Grants
Reports submitted by email in Word document here

Endowment Challenge Grants
No report required

Disaster Recovery Fund (COVID/Derecho)
Reports submitted by e-mail in Word document here

Donor-Advised Funds

  • Competitive Donor-Advised Funds: Reports submitted online through website portal
  • Donor-Advisor Project Grants: Reports required if stated in the grant award letter. Typically, grant reports are only required for named programs receiving $5,000 or more in funding. Awards for capital projects or general support do not require a report. Reports submitted by email in Word document here


NOTE: If your organization has more than $500 remaining at the end of the grant period, or needs to request a variance (a change in the purpose or length of grant), please contact your program officer via phone or email to discuss before completing the final report form.


How to Submit a Grant Report

For most grants:

  • Prepare report using this form
  • Log into the website using your grant admin login and password
  • Go to “My applications”
  • Select Application ID
  • Go to bottom of the requirement chart and find “Final Report”
  • Select “Details”
  • Complete final report and submit

For more information or questions, contact the Grant Team at 319.774.2370 or