Funds Established in 2019

Donor-Advised Funds
Donor-Advised Funds allow donors to remain actively involved by making grant recommendations to causes they care about whenever it is convenient.

Brian and Julie Privett Family Fund
Cedar Grove Signature Fund
Delaine and Duane Petersen Family Fund
Diana Ledford Family Donor-Advised Fund
Duane J. and Laura D. Smith Family Fund
Duane J. and Laura D. Smith Fund
Girls with Goals Fund
H & S Igram Fund
Jan Bloomhall Fund
Jeff and Kristin Schaefer Charitable Fund
Lange Family Charitable Giving Fund
Lange Family Fund
Lola and Bob Anderson Family Fund
Lynch Family Giving Fund
Maria and Josef Metz Memorial Fund
Sharon Modracek Legacy Fund
Tabor Family Fund

Nonprofit Funds
Nonprofit Funds provide nonprofit organizations with general operating support, stability during cyclical variances in income, and financial support for areas of high importance to the organization.

Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success Friends Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cedar Rapids & East Central Iowa
Endowment Challenge Fund
Cedar Valley Christian School Endowment Fund
Cedar Valley Christian School Friends Fund
Clothe-A-Child Endowment Challenge Fund
Eastern Iowa Health Center Endowment Fund
Eastern Iowa Health Center Friends Fund

Field of Interest Funds
This fund type allows donors to make contributions to specific areas of interest that have meaning to them. This may include support for multiple areas of interest, such as the environment, education, the arts or community development.

Designated Funds
Designated Funds are established by a donor to provide ongoing support for a specific nonprofit organization or purpose. The organization(s) the donor chooses will receive annual distributions from the fund.

Betty Debban Opus 754 Skinner Player Pipe Organ Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Bruce & Virginia Petrzelka Memorial Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Chris and Suzy DeWolf Family Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Chuck and Paula Burgmeier Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Gerald T. and Karen J. Knox Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Jared and Carol Hills Fund
County Endowment Restricted Fund
Designated Fund for Legion Arts
Drs. Erich Wolfgang and Sallie Sun Streib Fund
John and Dyan Smith Orchestra Iowa Fund
Linda and Terry Heller Fund
Myron and Esther Wilson Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund
Myron and Esther Wilson Designated Fund III
Nancylee Ziese and Suki Cell Scholarship Fund
United Way Ramlo Family Fund
United Way Richard and Sherry Family Fund

Scholarship Funds
This fund type is used by donors to help students achieve their educational goals through scholarships.

Calvin and Christina Moore Scholarship Fund
Statler Family Scholarship Fund

Community Endowment Funds
Donors can address the community’s greatest needs through these funds. Created by visionary philanthropists who want to support the community beyond their lifetimes, these funds allow the Community Foundation to address community needs and opportunities as they emerge.