List of Members

The William Quarton Heritage Society includes over 400 local philanthropists. Any donor who has made a permanent gift to the Community Foundation through a planned gift or the establishment of an endowed fund is automatically included as members of the William Quarton Heritage Society.

If you would like to join the William Quarton Heritage Society, please contact the Community Foundation at 319.366.2862 or

Anonymous (23)
Andrew and Elizabeth Aalderks
Terry and Johanna Abernathy
Justin* and Mildred* Albright
Kathleen Lower Aller and Tom Aller
Robert W. and Elizabeth M. Allsop
Ruth M.* and Clifford M.* Altermatt
Edward J.* and Betty* Altorfer
James and Sharon Altorfer
Anna O.* and William G.* Anderson
Gary L.* and Alice* Anderson
James E. Anderson*
Lola and Bob Anderson
Thomas J. Anderson
William H. Anderson
Marian J. Arens
Scott and Sheryl Arensdorf
Esther Y.* and . Robert C*. Armstrong
Carl* and Jacqueline* Aschoff
Jean H. Ashby*
Robert J. Assink
Helen (Skippy) Bell Atherton*
Pat and Judy Baird
Roger and Angie Baker
Susan Baker
Daniel R. Baldwin
Jon and Deborah Bancks
Judith and Bruce Barnes
Lorna M. Barnes
Bill and Lu Barron
Alice* and Richard G.* Bausch
Gordon and Jann Baustian
Ruth Opal Beatty* and Family
F. William Beckwith*
Dean and Gale Beer
Michelle and Craig Beisker
Tom and Kelly Belin
Bob V. Bengtson
Peter F. Bezanson*
Mary and John Bickel
Orville Bloethe*
Bob and Judy Blommer
Barbara Bloomhall and William A. Bloomhall, Sr.*
Bill Bloomhall
Jan Bloomhall
John and Cindy Bloomhall
Wilma J. Blosser
Katheryn M. Boatman
William Bock
Scott and Joann Bogguss
David Bowser and Linda Vance
Gordon and Diana Lynn Bowser
Michael* and Mary Bowser
Barry and Gilda Boyer
Michele Boyer
Jean Brenneman
Leonard W. Broulik*
Barry and Nancy Brown
Peter and JoAnn Bryant
Bob and Lois Buntz
Joanne and Ernest Buresh
Paula and Charles Burgmeier
David H. and Rose Marie Burke
Robert* and Mary Burnett
Homer E.* and Irma B.* Busby
William and Patricia Buss
Audrey and Lavern Busse
Janice and Scott Byers
Steven and Joanne Carfrae
John Chaimov and Jenny Schulz
Richard* and Judith Chandler
Allen R.* and Paula Chapman
Ivan* and Mary Bess Chester
Barbara Christiansen
Terri and Art* Christoffersen
Larry H. Christy
Lee and Jay Clancey
Jim and Brenda Clancy
Brent and Dawn Cobb
Patrick and Sandra Cobb
Brad and Kathy Colton
Pamela and David Cook
Robert S. Cook and Kathleen Toborg Cook
Loren L. and Patricia A. Coppock
Paul and Sara Corbin
John and Cordelia Cosgrove
Joseph and Kelly Costello
Thomas Crabbe*
Mildred M.* and William C.* Crawford
Joe and Sue Cunningham
John P. Curran
Mary Bingham Daehler*
Swati and Arvind Dandekar
Beverly Davey
Kris and Bryan Davis
Heidi and Matthew Dean
Betty Debban
Tom and Beth DeBoom
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Dennis
Chris and Suzy DeWolf Family
Carol and Denver Dillard
Jean Ann and Brian Dillman
Brian and Teri Donnelly
Ann Dorr
Kurt and Debora Downey
Wendy and David Downey
Sutherland C.* and Frances M.* Dows
John Drabelle, Jr.*
Vicki and David Drown
Clarice Dummermuth*
Duncan Family
Cindy and Michael Dunn
Greg and Wendy Dunn
James* and Rosemary Earl
Kevin Eck and Sashi Solomon
John and Dana Ehrhart
Herbert L.* and Dorothy* Ellingson
John R. and Cheryl G. Elliott
Susan Elliott-Bryan
O.J.* and Viola* Elsenbast
John M. Ely, Jr.* and Polly Ely*
Gordon and Jean Epping
Marsha and Larry Erb
LeAnn and Mark Erenberger
Nancy* and Steve Erickson
Norman* and Floy* Erickson
Don* and Rita Erusha
Bertha Etzel*
George Etzel*
Jack and Nancy Evans
JoAnn and David Faribault
Dorothy M. and Don L.* Fauser
Grace and Dennis Ferreter
John P.* and Jean W.* Ferring
Al and Ellen Fisher
Darrell and Dorothy Fisher
Robert C. * and Marjorie H. Fletcher
Rick and Donna Flynn
Lynn Ann Fowler*
William B. and Jo Anne F. Galbraith
Susan and Steve Gallagher
Suresh Ganu
Richard and Nancy Garberson
Les and Katrina Garner
William and Harriet Gasway
David and Susan Gehring
Dean and Laura Gesme
Betty* and Meril* Geuder
Sima and Chirantan Ghosh
Janice and John Gilmour
Charles* and Edith* Glidden
Jeff Goedken
Karl Glovik
David* and Kathleen Good
Rose and LaVern Gordon
Dr. Kim William Lyle* and Janelle Graber
Carleen and Eugene* Grandon
Gary Grant
Joan Greenblatt*
Maureen Kenney
Dianne and Ted Haas
James and Jo Ellen Haddad
David Haerther
Norbert* and Donna* Hahn
Lana F. Hake
Sarah Halbrook
Amy and Brian Hall
Kathleen J. Hall
Kathy L. Hall
Jean and Walter* Hammill
Diane Handler
Ortha R.* and Ken* Harstad
Vaughn* and Bernice* Hartzell
K. Larry Hastie
Leona and Kenneth* Hastie
Ruth L. Hastings Brown*
Mary Lou and Donald Hattery
Margaret Haupt*
Thomas and Christine Hayden
Ted and Tish* Healey
Kay and John Hegarty
Terry and Linda Heller
Ed* and Joan* Hemphill
Clifford A. Hendricks*
Carl* and Jill* Henrici
Edna A. Herbst*
Ruth* and Russell* Hess
Jared and Carol Hills
Joseph* and Jane* Hladky, Jr.
Jim and Ann Hoffman
Lumir Honzik*
Lee R. Horn*
Jeanne L. Howell*
Claire* and Vernon* Hudek
Sarah Huey
Barbara J. and Ralph E.* Hughes
Mary and Al Huneke
William B. Quarton* and Jean A. Hunnicutt
Salma and Hassan Igram
T.M.* and Dorothy* Ingersol
Thomas and Elizabeth Janik
Carolyn Janowsky*
Leonard and Marjorie Jansa
Duane J. and Anne Jasper
Sher Jasperse*
Howard Jessen
Amy C. Johnson
David and Mary* Johnson
G. Richard and Jacqueline R. Johnson
Kenneth L.* and Mildred M.* Johnson
Jeff and Prudence Johnston
Mildred Joslin* and Edward Kemp*
Daryl and Leslie Julich
Mary and David* Junge
David and Sherri * Justice
Vyrl* and Martha Justice
Joseph M. Kacena*
Peggy Fashimpaur Kahr
George* and Louise* Kalous
Martha Kane
Henry* and Sara* Katz
Suzanne Rosenbaum Katz*
Mary and Steven Keane
Merry* and Bob* Kelley
Donald and June King
Ted and Cheryl King
Kenneth and Jeanette Kinsey
Frank and Geri Kintzle
Joe and Carolyn Kirby
Thomas* and Clara* Kleiman
Barbara and James Klein
John Stephen Klima*
G.T. (Jerry)* and Karen Knox
David and Jillian Knutson

Kevin and Kathy Knutson
Carl* and Mary* Koehler
Peter and Ingrid Kolln
Marvin Kolosiek
Irene Konecny
Ann and Tim Kortemeyer
David Kubicek
Ted and Margaret* Kubicek
Mary Ann Kucera
Robert and Caroline* Kucharski
Lawrence and Kimberly Kudej
Nancy Lackner and Tom Lackner
Sheryl Chehak Lamb* and Willis E. Lamb*
Ruth* and Russell* Landis
Paula and Chris Lange
Frances Lash
Robert J. and Sue B. Latham
James* and Susan Lavenz
Robert and Carol Lehman
Annabelle Leimberer*
Sylvia Lesenger*
Thea and Roger* Leslie
Christopher and Jane Lindell
Dina and John Linge
Ann Lipsky
Joan Lipsky*
Norman G.* Lipsky and Belle M.* Lipsky
Beth and Curtis Livengood
Hilery Livengood and Ben Fashimpaur
John and Laura Locher
Joe and Cherri Lock
Alyce and George* Lowe
Cathy and Dave Loy
Arlene Madill
David Mahlke
Michele M. Matt
Robert and Linda Mattes
Doris* and Carl* McClain
George and Janelle McClain
Bruce and Judy McGrath
Jo* and Larry McGrath
Lisa and Mike McGrath
Mary Kay and Patrick McGrath
David and Ruth McGuire
Nancy Green McHugh*
Helen McKee*
Margaret McKnight*
Dr. J. Stuart McQuiston*
Mimi and William Meffert
Fredrich and Gretchen Mellberg
Nina* and Victor* Merveaux
Emily Meyer
Tim Meyer
Richard and Kathleen Minette
Frank and Cheryle Mitvalsky
Sharon* and Glenn Modracek
Lyle Moen and Nancy Rash
Mike and Ann Mohnsen
Calvin* and Christine Moore
Lillie and Tom Moore
Tara and Bob Moorman
Paul and Jennifer Morf
Dale* and Louise Morgan
Craig and Deborah Mrkvicka
Kelly and Anne Mulford
Kathleen and Ed Mulholland
Bill and Cathy Munsell
Virginia Myers*
George Naxera*
Rochelle and Alan Naylor
Ron and Sue Neil
Gregg and Kate* Nelson
John* and Elise* Nelson
Kay and Duane Nesetril
David and Mary* Neuhaus
Greg and Debbie Neumeyer
Wililam D. Nordstrom*
William D. Nordstrom*
John and Christine North
Jason and Julie Nosek
Kristin and Jim Novak
Sally Novetzke
Wes and Nancy Nygren
Michael L. Odell
Mark Ogden and Iris Muchmore
Forbes* and Ann* Olberg
Dennis* and Donna Oldorf
David and Carolyn Oliver
Ron and Sue Olson
Tyler and Majda Olson
John and Stacie Osako
Susan and Steven Ovel
Nancy Owen
Dave and Anne Parmley
Martha Parsons
Rich and Marion Patterson
Joyce Pealer and Sara Petrzelka
Jerry and Ann Pearson
Leo Peiffer*
Tom and Sonja Penaluna
Gladys Pepmeyer*
Irene H. Perrine*
Irene* and Beahl* Perrine
Chuck and Mary Ann Peters
Delaine and Pete Petersen
Jay and Bonnie* Petersen
Tom and Cathy Petersen
Ann* and David B.* Pickford
James A. and Monica M. Piersall
Jewel Plumb*
Wendy* and Randy Portz
Brian and Julie Privett
Bill and Janis Quinby
Lisa and Randy Ramlo
Shannon B. Ramsay
Maurice* and Leona* Rapoport
Mary Jo and David Rater
Mrs. Vern W. Reeder*
Curt and Sigrid Reynolds
Karen Rhines
Paul Rhines
Mary E. Rickey*
Danielle and Randall Rings
Louise G. Roalson
Dr.* and Mrs.* William John Robb
Iva C. Robb*
Jack* and Jackie* Roland
Carolyn Pigott Rosberg
Gary Rozek
Minnie Rubek*
Al and Martha Ruffalo
Judith Whetstine and Bob Rush
Diane and Scott Ryan
John M. and Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers
Sara and Jim Sauter
Duffy and Belva Schamberger
Elizabeth Bailie Scherling*
Charlie and Lisa Schimberg
Walter W. Schneider
Hope S. Schultz*
Dr. Douglas and Patricia Sedlacek
Grace Selzer*
William D. Severa
Larry D. and Claire J. Sharp
Paul R.* and Rebecca F.* Shawver
Nellie Sherwood*
Bart and Debra Showalter
Laurie and Robert Silber
Marilyn and Dayton* Sippy
Drew and Jo Ann Skogman
Gary and Robin Skogman
Kyle and Susan Skogman
LaJuana Skogman
Craig and Jean Smith
DJ and Abbie Smith
Duane and Laura Smith
Dyan and John Smith
Ellen Smith
Marty and Julianne Smith
William W. Smith*
Al* and Sara Sorensen
Robert* and Marion* South
Susan and Gary Speicher
John Stallman
David and Susan Stamm
Anita* and Harold Joe* Starman
Kent and Julie Statler
Forrest Stewart*
Marlyse and Terry Strait
Rodney* and Rosalie Strang
Erich Wolfgang* and Sallie Sun Streib
Eleanor Streletzky
Dawn Svenson Holland and Josh Holland
Dr. Robert* and Ann Swaney
Jean Sweat
Robert Synhorst
Julie and Byron Tabor
Christine and Ronald Tardiff
Bruce Tarwater
Margaret Mott Taylor*
Diane Telfer
Lisa Winterberg Tesar and Terry Tesar
Phil and Cherie Thompson
Fred and Bev Timko
Dale and Sara Todd
Agnes Tokheim*
Theodore and Cathy Townsend
Theodore* and Elizabeth* Trefny
Terry Trimpe
James and Susan Turner
Karla and Clint Twedt-Ball
Margo Underwood
Robert Untiedt
Michael and Marla Valliere
Julie Foster Van Camp
Lewis* and Harriet* Van Nostrand
Josie Velles
Kimberly Vine
Doug and Robin Wall
Ruth Hilda Walterick*
Stephanie and Dan Walterman
Carmen and John Wasta
Duane Weber
R. Ray* and Barbara* Weeks
Maxine* and Ted* Welch
Carolyn and Charles* Wellso
Kevin Welu and Nancy Schneider
Guy H. Wendler
Susanna Wendler
Mabel Wetzler*
Dr. R. L. Whelan*
William P.* and Gayle* Whipple
Dorothy J. White* and Robert Dean Metcalf*
Laura and Phil White
Jessica and Joe Whitman
Mona McCalley-Whitters and Alan Whitters
Peggy Boyle Whitworth*
Lynn Wickham Hartman and Carl Hartman
Martin and Diane Wiesenfeld
Susan Willey
Tiffany Earl Williams
Esther and Myron Wilson
Larry and Joni Witzel
Robert* and Charlotte Worley
Gretchen and Keith Wright
Jason and Leslie Wright
Corrine* and Robert* Yaw
David and Cindy Zenk
Mary Joan Zirbel
David Zylstra