Corporate Philanthropy

Tony Bedard

Join the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation as a corporate partner to engage, lead and transform our community. We can provide expert philanthropic guidance to your business and can help you create a corporate giving program that meets your needs.


Whether your business is just beginning to consider how to give or you’re already operating a corporate foundation, the Community Foundation can help you further your philanthropic mission. Our community knowledge and charitable giving expertise can help you meet your corporate giving goals, promote your company’s philanthropic passions and make a positive impact on your community.

Why Choose the Community Foundation for your charitable giving?

  • Giving becomes easy. Charitable giving through the Community Foundation is a seamless means of outsourcing your corporate giving program. The Community Foundation can provide expert guidance in structuring your company’s giving plan as well as behind-the scenes fund administration.
  • Tax benefits. If your company should choose to establish a corporate endowed fund at the Community Foundation, your business receives immediate tax benefits, even if the funds are distributed at a later date. Giving through the Community Foundation provides access to Endow Iowa tax credits, a 25% Iowa tax credit in addition to normal deductions for certain charitable gifts.
  • Cost-effective and efficient. There is a very low cost to administer the fund. We provide tax receipts for all contributions and years of experience accepting all types of assets.
  • Giving becomes more organized. Your business will receive regular reports showing the charities you are supporting and the amounts given. The fund can assist with the multiple requests you receive for contributions and requests.
  • Knowledge of community needs. We have the knowledge of community needs and can connect you to causes you care about.


Corporate Giving Options:

  • Corporate Donor-Advised Fund – When your company establishes a corporate donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation, we provide professional investment management and perform all administrative and accounting duties. Employees from your organization can direct where grants from your fund are distributed. Grants can be made to local, national and international organizations.
  • Grantmaking Program – Grantmaking allows you to fund local programs or projects through a community grant application process. We offer a range of services to ensure that your grant dollars create impact in our community.