Lead Donors to COVID-19 Disaster Response Fund

The COVID-19 Disaster Response Fund was established on March 17, 2020 to minimize the impact of COVID-19 in our community and to address human service needs for vulnerable populations such as children, older adults, and the homeless. This fund was originally established in partnership with United Way of East Central Iowa and The Hall-Perrine Foundation. The fund raised and distributed nearly $400,000 for pandemic relief through 223 gifts made to the fund. Grants to 43 nonprofit organizations supported everything from basic needs and rental assistance to awareness-raising and educational technology. The fund was closed in July 2021 after all funds were distributed. Going forward, all future gifts and grants for disaster response—including the pandemic, derecho, or other disasters—will go through the existing Disaster Recovery Fund.


Directors ($50,000+)

Partners ($20,000+)

Supporters ($5,000+)

Individuals ($5,000+)

Pat and Judy Baird
John and Cindy Bloomhall
Loren and Patti Coppock
Phil and Christy Rezin
Duane and Laura Smith
Thomas C. Jackson and Joanne Stevens