List of Donors

Doris and Francois Abboud
Janet Abejo
Account Services Processing Center
Les and Linda Ackerman
Acme Graphics, Inc.
Larry and Brenda Adams
Admedia Partners, Inc.
Sal and Lisa Adragna
AEGON Transamerica Foundation
African American Museum of Iowa
William Akason
Brad Aldrich
Alan and Audrey Alexander
All About Wicks
Kathleen Lower Aller and Tom Aller
Alliant Energy Corporation
Bob and Beth Allsop
Mary Beth and Steve Allsop
Altorfer Inc.
Aluspec, Inc.
Anamosa Publications, Inc.
Anderson Bogert
Leesa Adreas
Terry Andreas
Andreas Foundation
Mary Lou Angarano
Anna Purna Ghosh Foundation
Richard Antrim
Peter and Molly Arbes
The Arc of East Central Iowa
Area Ambulance Service
John and Connie Arend
Sheryl and Scott Arensdorf
Art in the Heart Gallery
Atlantic Trees Forever
Tom and Barb Atwood
Dianne and John Austad
John and Colleen Avellino
Sarah and Joseph Avellino
Joseph Avellino
BAC Design & Advertising
Bank Iowa
Bank of America Matching Gift Program
Bankers Trust
Barbara Barkley
Lu and Bill Barron
Mary Ann Barry
Ron and Catherine Baty
Connie Baugh
Henry and Irene Baust
Gordon, Jann, Kelly, Casey and Kate Baustian
Jann and Gordon Baustian
Baustian Family
Judy Baych
John Beaird
David Beatty
Jeff Beer and Laura Chadima Beer
Kelly Bemus
Benevity AEF
Phyllis Bennett
John and Amie Benson
John and Rebecca Bent
John Bent Jr.
Benzcoil LLC
Todd and Jackie Bergen
Bruce Berger
Kristi Bergman
Jennifer Bern-Vogel and Ira Vogel
Rhonda and Ed Betsworth
Nicole Bianca
Med and John Bickel
Jack Biegalski
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cedar Rapids & East Central Iowa, Inc.
Margaret Birmingham
Alan and Kristina Birnbrauer
Brian Birnbrauer
Robert and Nancy Birnbrauer
Bishop’s Special Ministry Fund
Marilyn Blackhurst
Lynda Black-Smith and Ray Smith
Blair House
Barbara Bloomhall
Cindy and John Bloomhall
Kristin and Todd Boffeli
Thomas and Bernice Boffeli
Richard and Mary Bohm
Thomas Bollinger and Amy Dudgeon
Daniel and Meredith Bochardt
Esther Bordwell
Dale and Helen Borman
Gilda and Barry Boyer
Kecia Boysen
Shirley Boyson
Diane Bradbury
Mary and James Bradley
Jack Bradt
Stephanie Brandenburg
Kirk and Diana Bredenberg
Jean Brenneman
Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center
Brad and Jody Bridgewater
Kenneth Brown
Lydia and Mike Brown
Scot Brown and Julie Lammers
Devynne Bruder
James Bruder, Jr
John Bruder
Thomas and Elin Bruder
Thomas and Kathleen Bruder
Thomas Bruder
Timothy Bruder
Elizabeth Bruder
David and Billie Bruns
Edward Brunsting
John and Elizabeth Buckeridge
Catherine Bukosky
Bob and Lois Buntz
Joanne and Ernie Buresh
Katie and Ryan Buresh
Kay Burke
John and Christine Burkhart
Timothy and Kathleen Burns
Pat and Bill Buss
Audrey and Lavern Busse
Lavern T. & Audrey Busse
Richard and Donna Butikofer
Joan and Randy Butler
Maryann Buttenmuller
Janice and Scott Byers
Rick and Dianne Benner Byrn
James Cameron IV
Michael and Linda Cammiso
Camp Fire USA, Iowana Council
Camp Reece
Campbell Steele Gallery
Don and Phyllis Canfield
Martha Cannon
Mary Cannon
Ronald and Mary Capps
Michael Cardamone
Joanne and Steven Carfrae
Mary and Steven Carpenter
Thomas Carroll
Carl and Mary Carson
Charles and Lisa Caruso
Edward and Susan Casper
Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court 1768
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Co.
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Enployees
Cedar Rapids Community School District Foundation
Sam and Mary Celia
Century Laundry Distributing, Inc
Joe and LaNae Ceryanec
John Chadima
Lijun and David Chadima
Patricia Chadima
Jenny Schulz and John Chaimov
Paula Chapman
David Chen
Marlene Chevalier
Chicken Fried Farms Inc
Childbirth Information
Elizabeth and Dana Christiansen
Kevin Christie
Terri Christoffersen
Sylvia and Christine Chruscicki
Richard and Orrine Chute
Julia and Brian Clair
Lee and Jay Clancey
Pamela and Craig Clark
Marjorie Clemens
CliftonLarsonAllen Employees
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Brenda Cloud
CMC Commercial Metals Company
CME Group
Dawn and Brent Cobb
Sandi and Pat Cobb
Donna Colbeck
Timothy and Beverly Colbert
Communications Engineering Company
Community 1st Credit Union
Community Foundation of the Great River Bend
Community Health Free Clinic
Patricia Connell
Construction Publications, Inc.
Jo Cook
Jerry and Kay Copeland
Cal Coquillette and Lynne Hirleman
Dan and Colleen Cornmire
Elizabeth Corr
Corridor HR Solutions LLC
Kirsten and Jeffrey Corrigan
Marge Cortimiglia
Kelly and Joe Costello
Dave and Gloria Cowguill
Nancy and Paul Craig
Holly Craiger
Bruce Crawford
Traci Creange
Dee Ann and Jospeh Crozier
Melissa and Jason Cullum
Tami and Todd Culver
Sue and Joe Cunningham
Kathryne Cutler
Czech Village/New Bohemia Urban Main Street District
Scott and Cathy Dahm
Eric Dalton
Larry and Kathy D’Angelo
Meredith Datz
Teresa David
Brent Davis and Christina Kelly
Kris and Bryan Davis
Pamela and William Daws
William and Sheryl Daylong
Betty Debban
Helen and Kenneth Debner
Rosemary DeGraw
Bryan and Michele Dempsey
Paul and Alison Demyanovich
Eloise and Robert Dennis
Patricia and Patrick DePalma
Karen and William Desmarais
Chuck and Luetta DeTimmerman
Ron and Peggy Detweiler
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
Edward and June Devine
David DeWalle
Suzy and Chris DeWolf
Kelly Diamond
Diamond V
Kevin and Tracy Dickel
Mary Digregorio
Melissa DiRado
DJ Smith Enterprises
Jody Donaldson
Paul and Anna D’Orazio
Jack Downey
Kevin and Anne Downey
Robert Downey
Wendy and Dave Downey
Trish Downey
Melissa and Bradley Doyle
Luvoria Duckett
Chad Duffin
Carol Dugery
David and Nancy Duncan
Cindy and Mike Dunn
Wendy and Greg Dunn
Jonathan Dusek and Dina Igram Dusek
Edward Jones
Mary Egger
Carl and Debra Ehrmann
Einhorn Harris
Lance and Grace Eisenberg
Susan Elliott-Bryan
Jack and Sarah Else
Diana Emig and Shirley Budreau
Empowered Herbals Inc
Brett and Debora Engmark
Mary Eoff
Debra and Keith Epp
Gordon and Jean Epping
Greg Epping and Connie Kokontis
Michael and Sheila Erdman
Donald and Rita Erusha
Neil and Patricia Erusha
Essar Steel Algoma Inc. USA
Bertha Etzel
George Etzel
Nancy and Jack Evans
Wanda Evans
Evans Enterprises Leasing Inc.
Mary Everhart
Brian Fagan
David and Chrystal Faltis
Farmers State Bank
Warren and Pamela Feerer
Tracy Feldmann
Edward and Alexandra Fenimore
Grace and Dennis Ferreter
Austin and Andrea Ferrier
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Financial Concepts, LLC
Arden and Dena Fischer
Darrell and Dorothy Fisher
Michele and Martin Fisher
Ryan FitzGerald
John Fitzsimons
Joyce and Mark Fleming
Marjorie Fletcher
Marnie and Bill Fletcher
Janice and Donald Flynn
Mark and Susan Foley
Gary and Kathleen Foster
Foth Fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation
Four Oaks Family & Children’s Services
Elaine Fox
Regina Foy
Elizabeth Frank
Thomas and Karin Frantz
Jason and Misti Fredstrom
John and Mary Ann Freeland
MB and Glenn Freeman
Robert and Patricia Freeman
Jeffrey Freimanis
Brenda Frese
William and Donna Frese
Dan and Joan Freytag
Edward Friedmann and Elizabeth Coyte
Ralph and Helen Fucetolo
Janet Fullmer
Julia and Todd Fulton
Joan Fumetti and Mark Mlsna
Fred and Nancy Gable
Mary Gaffney
Janet Gallagher
Katherine Gallagher
Mary Beth Gallagher
Robert and Diane Gallagher
Lori Galletto
Katrina and Les Garner
Mary Anne Garry and Ellen Schilling
Scott and Julie Gasway
Gazette Communications
Gazette Foundation
Susan and David Gehring
Paul and Chris Geiselhart
Genesis Systems Group, LLC
Samuel and Sheila Gerot
Robert and Alo Geuder
Sima and Chirantan Ghosh
Mary and Mark Gibson
Brandon and Rachael Glaza
Sandra Gluck
Sabrina Gmuca
Kelly Goggin
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Ron and Pat Gonder
Edward Gordon
Pam Goschke
Kevin Gowdy
Albert Grabish
Beatrice Grabish
Franny Grabish
John Grabish
Mary Brennan and Stanley Grabish
Michael Grabish
Pat Graves
Doug Grawe
Alan Gray
Beth Gray
Sally and Steve Gray
GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Kimberly and Joel Grier
Janet Griffith
Sharon and Chuck Grimm
Dennis Groenenboom
Andrew Groves
Anne and Doug Gruenewald
Guaranty Bank & Trust Company
Mike and Lisa Guge
Cathy and Marc Gullickson
Luke Gullickson
Margaret Haag
Raymond and Bernadette Haertsch
Monys Hagen
Sarah Halbrook
Hall-Perrine Foundation
Laurie and William Hamen
Beth and Bruce Hammell
Jean Hammill
Mary Hamre
Jill Handley
Diane and Jim Hankes
Tim Hankewich
David and Beverly Hannon
Bonnie Hansen
John and Meghan Hanson
Peggy Hardesty and Richard Socwell
Tork and Lynn Harman
Beverly Harris
Carolyn and Edward Harris
Shirley Harris
Brent and Patricia Harstad
Brian and Vicki Hart
Jade and Brad Hart
Michael Hartin
Lynn Wickham Hartman and Carl Hartman
Erum Hartung
Harvey A Meier Co
Ms. Margaret Haupt
Kate Hawkins
Tom and Christine Hayden
Edward B. Haye
Carl and Kathleen Hays
Ted Healey
Laurie and Bob Hebl
Allison and Michael Heffern
Diana and William Heinemann
Danika Held
Mary Beth and Bob Helgens
Becky Helle
Terry and Linda Heller
Jill Hellmer
Bill Helm and Peggy Helm-Quest
Jean Henchal
Julie and Eric Hender
Lisa and Jeff Henderson
Linda Henecke
George Henry and Kay Shive-Henry
Jeff and Carolyn Henry
Donna and Mike Herring
Victoria Herring
Mitchell Hert
Russell and Lauren Hert
Todd and Kara Heying
Dorothy and Dave Higdon
Chris and Michelle Hill
Gail Hill
Marlene Hill
Ronda and Rich Hill
Hillcrest Holdings, Inc.
Jared and Carol Hills
Hills Bank and Trust Company
Gene Hinman
Linda and Gary Hinzman
Carole and Jeff Hix
Cheryl Hoch
Jack Hoehnle
Elizabeth Hoffman
Kenyon and Mary Hoffman
Beatrice Hogan
Joseph and Mary Clare Hogan
Rob and Kate Hogg
David Hollander
Tom Holleb
William and Alison Holsten
Wayne and Anna Holstine
Hope Mountain Coop
House of Carpets
John and Melinda Howerton
Ellen K. Howrey
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Bill and Bonnie Hughes
Dwight Hughes
Humanists of Linn County
Mary and Al Huneke
Jay and Heather Hunger
Virginia Hunstad
Sandra Hutchcroft
Mary Kay Hutzell
Jean Imoehl and Renee Weeter
ImOn Communications LLC
Indian Creek Nature Center
Infinity Wealth Management LLC
Informatics, Inc.
Ingredion Charitable Foundation
Integrity Mutual Insurance Company
Interstates Construction Services, Inc.
Iowa Choral Directors Association
Iowa Physician Assistant Society
Jeffrey and Stephanie Irby
Diana Irvin
Maggie and Stephen Jackson
Mary Jane and William C. Jacobson
Jean James
Mary James
Dennis Jandik
Joyce and Leonard Jandik
Jane Boyd Community House
Kenneth Jans
Marlene Janssen
Courtney and Kevin Jasper
Christine Jennings
Howard Jessen
JLM Farms
John and Delight Eilering Charitable Trust
Gina Johnson
Jerry Johnson and Lynn Brophy
Kenneth L. Johnson Estate
Mark and Stephanie Johnson
Doug and Laura Jontz
Kathleen and Jamie Jozefowski
Junior League of Cedar Rapids
Paul and Laura Kammarmeyer
Barbara and Robert Kane
Kansas City Toyota Dealers Association
Kapital Steel, LLC
Nathan and Lois Kasdorf
Mark and Mary Ann Kaufman
Kristen Kaylor
Linda and Robert Keca
Christine Keeran
Gordon and Deanna Kellenberger
David and Michelle Kelly
John Kendrick
Timothy and Sharon Kennedy
Kennedy Choral League
Kennedy Insurance Agency Inc.
The Kenneth K. Kinsey Family Foundation
Maureen and Joe Kenney
Keokuk Area Community Foundation
Anne Kephart
Jim Kern
Roger and Lucille Kerns
Nikki and Dick Kettelkamp
KeyBank Foundation
Joanne and James Kimber
Donald and June King
Thomas and Nancy King
Fritz and Cathy Kinzenbaw
Corwin and Josette Kippenhan
Kenneth Kirby
Lance and Kelley Kirby
Linda Kirby
Barbara and James Klein
Lee and Danielle Klein
J. Stephen Klima
Lori Lane and Vaughn Klopfenstein
William Knapp
Gerald and Sherry Kneeland
Steven Knudson
Jillian and David Knutson
Kevin and Kathy Knutson
Michelle Kochanowicz
Bob and Joan Kocher
Jennifer and Ryan Koester
Mark and Elyse Koestler
Donald Kohout
Daniel and Nova Kolander
Ingrid and Peter Kolln
Thomas and Sherrie Kopecky
Ann Koppenhaver
Mike and Sue Kortemeyer
Tim Kortemeyer
Donna Kraus
Kreg Enterprises Inc
Doug Krejci
David and Dorothy Kresnicka
Deborah Krieg
Ray and Clarice Krippner
Jim Kropa
Kthree Partners Inc
Mary Ann and Howard Kucera
Rick and Jacqueline Kullander
Pavan Kumar
Nancy and Tom Lackner
Kevin and Patricia Lagree
Randall and Jennifer Lamm
Shannon Lamm and Kevin Collins
Mary Alice and Eric LaMorte
Kathryn Lamping
Bradley and Tamra Lang
Dean and Dorris Lanning
Carline and Ronald Larson
Darrel and Eloise Larson
Frances Lash
Marc Lavine
Mark Law
Gary and Linda Ledford
Sheila Ledford
Leeco Steel
David and Leanne Leeper
James Lemaster
Roger and Patricia Lemke
Barbara and Dale Lenz
Bryan and Jean Lenz
Chris and Sharon Leonard
Thea Leslie
Michael Lewis
Brian and Pamela Ley
Lil’ Drug Store Products
Jane and Chris Lindell
Betty and Bruce Lindholm
Gary and Linda Lindsay
Joe and Candy Linn
Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin
Leon Lintz
Beth and Curtis Livengood
Hilery Livengood and Ben Fashimpaur
Laura and John Locher
Barb Lochner
Cherri and Joe Lock
Caryn Lombardi
Nancy Lopez
Deborah Leonard Lovejoy
Nancy Lowenberg
Keven and Juanita Lubben
Mar-Mary Lutge
Debbie and Bob Lutz
Christine Luzzie and Patrick Bauer
Amy and Mark Lynch
Nancy MacTaggart
Marcia Magill
Kimberly Manchio
Susan Mangino
Salvatore and Natalie Manoiero
Timothy and Heather Marek
Janet Marett
Marion Process Solutions
Mark J Becker & Associates, LLC
Kelly Marriott
Geri Marz and Luanne Zoller
Rick and Jacalyn Mason
Robin Maston
Match Play Tennis Centers, Inc.
Michele Matt
Matthew 25
Kent Mattison
Henry and Laurel Maze
Joseph and Pamela Mazzorana
Michael and Colleen McCabe
Mary Lou and Bill McCartan
Rosemary McCarty
Katherine McCarty
Marna and Harlan McCaw
Janelle and George McClain
Barbara and Patrick McClintock
Joseph and Marde McConnell
Linda and Dennis McDermott
Janis McFarland
Judy and Bruce McGrath
Larry McGrath
McGrath Automotive Group
Peter and Mary McGrogan
Susan McKibbin
McKinley Middle School
Daniel and Donna McMahon
Colleen McMahon-Martinez
Robert and Louise McMaster
Laura Meade
Michael and Margaret Medernach
Peggy and James Meek
Kenneth and Jayne Meiselman
Mary and Dick Meisterling
The Merck Foundation
Meredith Corporation Foundation
Merit Construction Co./Rinderknecht Associates Inc.
Nimi Meschke
Emily Meyer
Mildred and Henry Meyer
Tim Meyer
Nicole Meyer Horning
Melissa Meyers
Douglas and Michele Michel
James and Stefanie Micilcavage
MidAmerican Aerospace
MidAmerican Energy
Debby and John Miljavac
Jodi and Chris Miljavac
Larry Miljavac
Miljavac Electrical Corporation
Brett Miller
Miller’s Bakery
Millhiser Smith Agency, Inc.
Judith Milligan
Margaret Mills
Carole and Walter Milnichuk
Robert Mineo
Kate and Dick Minette
Miniature Precision Companents Inc
Jared and Dawn Minko
Mark and Denise Mitchell
Cheryle and Frank Mitvalsky
Loretta and Richard Mitvalsky
Carolyn Moershel
Marianne Moershel
Rebecca Moershel
Steven Moffa and Lynne Roehner
Max and Rhoada Molleston
James and Rose Marie Monagan
Diane Monaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan F. Moore
Middie and Darrel Morf
Lois Morgan
Lisa and Dave Morris
Pamela Mott
Ellen Mouw
MRB Foundation
David Muir
Jessica Muldoon
Katie and Ed Mulholland
Coleen Murphy
Dave Murphy
Jeanne Murphy
Jessica and Ryan Murphy
Linda Musch
Ronald Mussman
Janice Nader
Heidi and Jeffrey Nassif
Mr. and Mrs. E Nassimos
Michael Nathan
William and Sarah Neff
Neighbor Insurance Agency, Inc.
Sue and Ron Neil
Keith and Kristin Neiswender
Diana and William Neppl
Kay and Duane Nesetril
Stephen Nesser
Allyn and Gaycia Neubauer
Brent and Ann Neubauer
Debbie and Greg Neumeyer
Bob Nicholson and Mary Tarbox
Michele and Brian Nolan
Jill and Denton Nordhues
Dave and Anne Nordstrom
Martha and Donald Norton
Julie and Jason Nosek
Jim and Kristin Novak
Lee Novak
Nucor Steel Hertford County
Wes and Nancy Nygren
Holly and Bruce Nystrom
Kira Occhipinti
Sheryl Ochs
Chris and Verlaine Ockenfels
Christopher and Melissa Oggenfuss
Kevin Okeefe
Melanie and Doug Olson
Scott Olson
Steven Olson
Sue and Ron Olson
Tamela Olt-Klutke
Tammy Oltrogge
Orchestra Iowa
Ruth Otten
Dominique Otterson
Susan and Steve Ovel
Jean Overton
Barbara Owen
Ozinga Bros., Inc.
George and Gail Ozorowski
P.J. Ryan’s
Tanya Pabani
Christine and Steven Pace
Marilyn Pansegrau
Becky and Tom Pardonek
Kim and Clayton Parks
Randy and Darla Parks
Parlour City Questers
Geoffrey and Billie Parr
Pathways Enterprises
Marion and Rich Patterson
Ronald and Lisa Patterson
Tim and Kathy Patterson
Brian Patti
Paulson Electric
Jerry and Ann Pearson
Michael and Barbara Pearson
Jason and Katy Peck
Carlos and Rennae Pelayo
Carlos Pelayo
Peoples Trust and Savings Bank
Bill and Sharon Pepper
Carol Perkins
Barb Perkinson
Lorna Perry
Robert Pestich
Ladonna Peta
Chuck and Mary Ann Peters
Sarah and Jeff Peters
Janeth Peterseim
Delaine and Pete Petersen
Jay Petersen
Shar Petersen
Tracy Peterson
Alex Petisi
Michelle Petko
James and Geri Pettitt
Stan and Mary Pfoff
Jenifer and Steve Phelan
Lynne and Tom Pickett
Thomas Pickett
Fred and Janet Pilcher
Jeanne Pinckney
Jane and Edward Pini
Anthony Piperno
Richard and Dee Pitner
Susan and David Pohlman
Douglas and Leslie Poppen
Katherine Porter
Mark Pospisil and Anne Nugent
Christopher Pothoven
Robert and Jean Potter
Powell Funeral Home, Inc.
Edward and Anne Price
Principal Financial Group
Thomas and Nancy Pugh
John Puk
Elizabeth and Sandy Pumphrey
Tom and Abby Pumroy
Larissa and John Purcell
John and Sherri Purdie
Nicki and John Raaz
Edward and Ericka Raber
Raining Rose, Inc.
Lisa and Randy Ramlo
Shannon Ramsay
Lee Ramsayer
Brian Randall and Mary Kemen
Dolores and James Rasmussen
Mary Razim-Fitzsimons
Rebuh Feeders
Janet Reed
Ronald and Catherine Reese
Evelyn Regan
Regency North Owners Association, Inc.
Steve and Neta Reif
Shirley Reihman
David and Elizabeth Remley
Kathleen Renquist
Resurrection Parish
Mary and David Rettig
Curtis and Sigrid Reynolds
Phillip and Christine Rezin
Paul Rhines
Melvin Rhodes and Edithmerle Merulla
Melvin and Cathy Rich
TA and Kippen Richards
Dave Richert
John and Charlene Richter
John and Thelma Rife
Danielle and Randy Rings
Bunny Ripp
Jonathan and Melissa Ritrovato
William and Rebecca Roark
Marc Robins
Deb Tharnish and Nick Roby
Rockwell Collins Matching Gift Program
John Roemig
Ben Rogers
Nancy Rogerson
Charlie Rohde
Kerwin and Barbara Rohr
Deb Roman
Deborah Roman
Leila Mankarious Rome and Jamie Rome
John Rommereim
Myron and Vicki Ropp
Marvin Rops
Carolyn Pigott Rosberg
Janet and Mark Rosenbury
Rotary Club of Randolph
Rotary International–Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids
Cathy and Gary Rozek
Ralph and Shirley Ruedy
Judith Whetstine and Robert Rush
Norman and Patricia Rustad
Anthony and Cheryl Ryan
Joseph and Elizabeth Ryan
Joseph Ryan
Mary Ellen Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Thomas and Marguerite Ryan
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Ann and John Sagers
Angie Salam
Paul and Anne Salamon
Lori and John Salvo
Lori Salvo
Salzgitter Mannesmann International
Robert and Bonnie Sampsell
Sand Creek Food Coop
Paul Saunders
Jim and Sara Sauter
Sawing and Shearing Services Inc.
Thomas Schaaf
Jeffrey and Kristin Schaefer
Mary Ann and Emmett Scherrman
Schilling Farms
Charlie and Lisa Schimberg
Mary Zeran and Jeff Schipper
Steven Schlabaugh
Melvin and Barbara Schlachter
Dennis and Linda Schlicht
Albert and Kathryn Schmidt
Sandra and Joel Schmidt
Mark and Maureen Schneider
Schneider Electric North America Foundation
Margaret Schoeniger
Kyle and Philip Schramp
Carl and Dawn Schuettpelz
Barbara Schultz
Janet and Walt Schulz
Douglas and Jane Schumacher
Kathleen and Jeffrey Schumacher
Schwab Charitable Fund
Jean and John Seabeck
Security Equipment, Inc
Helen and Lial Selzer
Bill Severa
Lori and Sanjay Shah
Bridget Shanley
Casey Shanley
Gerald Shanley
Meghan Shanley
Steve and Valerie Shanley
Azalea Sharifi
Claire and Larry Sharp
MaryAnn Shaughnessy
Andrew Shaw
Steven and Georgia Shepherd
Mary Sherry
Syphachanh and John Sherry
Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, PLC
Shuttleworth and Ingersoll Linn County Law Library Trust
Kathy and Duane Sickert
Rich and Micki Siewert
Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC
Joel and Suni Simon
Susan and Kyle Skogman
Skogman Companies
Edward and Benjamin Slagis
Timothy and Karen Slattery
Scott and Nicole Slaubaugh
Jill Small
Frances Smith
Gordon Smith
Juli and Marty Smith
William Daniel Smith
James and Cindy Smothers
Harmony Hawks Chorus
Charles and Colleen Sojka
Steven and Ronna Sojka
Peter Sorensen and Ida Martin Sorensen
Sara Sorensen
Susan and Gary Speicher
Charles and Deborah Spencer
Daryl and Susan Spivey
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Mike Stallman
Karen and Daniel Stanford
Stanley Consultants, Inc
Michael Stanley
Jeffrey and Bari Steiner
Stemcor USA Inc
Patrick and Sharon Stepanek
Sandra Stewart and Beverly Lawrence
Kara Stickley
Marianna and James Stickley
Karolyn and George Stigler
Douglas Stodola
Marlyse and Terry Strait
Paul and Barbara Strauss
Susan and Gary Streit
Eleanor Streletzky
Bruce and Shari Strohm
Donna Stuhlman
Terry and Mary Jane Stumpf
Maureen Sullivan
Ryan and Jamie Sullivan
Summit Schools, Inc.
Dawn Svenson Holland and Josh Holland
Richard and Carole Swanson
Gregory and Paige Swartzendruber
Dan Swenson
Emmanuel and Luzviminda Tabelisma
Julie and Byron Tabor
Debbie and John Tallia
Brian and Lauri Talyat
David Taylor
Margaret Mott Taylor
Mirela and Oather Taylor
Ronald Taylor
Tech Force 3, Inc
James and Lynn Tegler
Tom and Colleen Tegler
Steven Templeton and Laurie Dunn
Mrs. John Luke Thacker
Theatre Cedar Rapids
Carolyn and Daniel Thies
Lisa and Greg Thirnbeck
Larry Thomann
Glen and Tana Thomas
Jacob Thomas
Cherryl and Ronald Thomason
Cherie and Phil Thompson
Karen and John Thornton
Jay and Cynthia Thrapp
Thursday Noon Optimist Club
Susan and Mike Tiernan
Jean and Jim Tinker
Top Drawer
Trees Forever
Tom and Jodi Treharne
Christopher and Samantha Treston
Bertha and Robert Tribuno
Terry Trimpe and Nancy Hill Cobb
TrueNorth Companies
Caroline Trumpold
Todd and Mary Trusk
Heather Tucker
Sean and Hope Tully
Karla and Clint Twedt-Ball
CJ Tylka
Sean Ulmer and Edward Stinson
Carley Umstead
United Fire Group
United Way of East Central Iowa
University of Iowa Community Credit Union
US Bank
Dennis and Judith Usher
Utica First Insurance Company
Valenta Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Daniel van den Bergh
Gretchen Van Heukelom
Rebecca Wiegand and Marvin Van Kekerix
Van Meter Inc.
John Vander Zee
Dominick Vangeli
Edward Varley
Frank and Bonnie Varvaris
Danielle Lisa Vasak
Danielle Vasak
Josie Velles
Verizon Foundation Matching Incentive Program
Brian Vesey
Kelly and Dante Volpe Jr
Jerome and Becky Wadian
Ruth and Robert Walton
Jeanne Wampler
Washington Chapter of Class of 48 of the US Naval Academy
Carmen and John Wasta
Stanley and Marilue Watkins
Marilyn Watson
Charles and Nancy Weber
Loren Weber
Brian and Lynette Weberg
David and Ann Weiss
Mai-Anh Weiss
Thomas and Carolyn Welch
Wells Enterprises, Inc.
Leonard and Paula Welsh
Terri and Guy Wendler
Stephen and Victoria West
Richard Wheeler
James and Dorothy White
Laura and Phil White
Susan Willey
Mark and Molly Williams & Family
Willis Dady Emergency Shelter Inc.
Esther and Mike Wilson
Jill Wilson
June Wilson
Jane Witt
Larry and Joni Witzel
Joleen Woods
World Class Industries
Norma Wright
Robert Wright
Chuju Wu and Family
Diana Wubbena
Mary Jo and Tom Yates
Nicole and David Yates
Yoder’s Tax and Accounting Service
Charlie Yorke
Caroline and Eugene Young
Bob and Millie Youngquist
Jane and Richard Zeaske
David and Cindy Zenk
David and Cyndia Zias
Brian and Julie Zimmerman
Isaac and Donna Zion
Dennis Zuber