Vision, Mission & Values

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation improves the quality of life in Linn County, Iowa by partnering with donors, funders, and other community collaborators to achieve high-impact philanthropy; supporting nonprofit organizations that address our community’s needs and opportunities; and convening people to learn, share ideas, and develop solutions for the future. The Community Foundation is a public, nonprofit organization with over $223 million in assets and over 1,000 different charitable funds.


A vibrant and inclusive Linn County where all people thrive.



To strengthen our community through philanthropy.



EQUITY & INCLUSION – We believe success of our community can only be achieved when everyone has the opportunity to experience their full potential.

COLLABORATION – We seek to build relationships and engage the community in our work.

LEARNING – We use our resources to increase understanding of the issues that require community action.

INTEGRITY – As stewards of community resources, we operate ethically and demonstrate transparency and accessibility.

INNOVATION – In order to respond to changing needs, opportunities and challenges, we remain flexible and open to creative strategies.