Vision, Mission & Values

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation improves the quality of life in Linn County, Iowa by promoting charitable giving; connecting donors to the causes they care about; strengthening nonprofits through grants and support; and providing leadership on community issues that involve charitable giving. The Community Foundation is a public, nonprofit organization with over $194 million in assets and over 1,000 different charitable funds.


To be a trusted partner in charitable giving, improving the quality of life in our community…forever.


To help donors give in meaningful ways, to strengthen nonprofits, and to provide leadership that supports a vibrant community.


We are RESPONSIBLE STEWARDS. We take seriously the public’s trust and we safeguard donor intentions.

We provide EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE. We strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.

We act with INTEGRITY. We do what is right by operating ethically and transparently.

We are INCLUSIVE. We seek diverse voices and participation.

We embrace INNOVATION. We demonstrate and welcome creativity, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

We are STRATEGIC. We strive to achieve positive long-term results for those we serve.

We are NIMBLE. We demonstrate flexibility, responsiveness, and we are open to creative strategies.

We foster ENGAGEMENT. We seek broad community involvement and work through partnerships.