Regional Planning

In 2016, the seven county region around Cedar Rapids and Iowa City embarked on a planning process called Regional Vision Rising. Combining transportation initiatives with economic development strategies, the plan was an effort to facilitate long-term strategic growth.

After community input and regional assessment, the Regional Vision was published in the summer of 2018. An Action Committee works to turn the planning and assessment into impactful strategies. Some of the organizations represented on the Action committee include the East Central Iowa Council of Governments, the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation, Iowa City Area Development Group, the University of Iowa, United Way of East Central Iowa, Kirkwood Community College and ICR Iowa.

The Action Committee meets monthly and is working to develop sub-plans for the development of business, workforce and community. The Community Foundation contributes to the Community Development strategy, bringing with it a knowledge of existing efforts, needs, opportunities and challenges.

For the Community Foundation, the plan represents a vehicle for expanding existing community leadership efforts. Because the plan encourages broad participation in our community, we can use it to work toward the common goal of a prosperous and equitable region.

Visit the Regional Vision website to view the plan and stay up to date on action items.