Reading into Success

A national campaign known as The Campaign for Grade Level Reading is helping to address the impact that reading proficiently by third grade has on the long-term success of students. The Campaign includes a network of over 300 communities that are working on local level initiatives to increase children’s proficiency to help them succeed in school and beyond.

In response to the growing concern about grade level reading, the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation joined with United Way of East Central Iowa, Cedar Rapids area schools, public libraries, municipalities, businesses and nonprofit partners to launch a collaborative community initiative to increase the number of children reading proficiently by the end of third grade. Reading into Success is a vehicle to learn from one another, identify opportunities, and develop a community-wide system that leads to reading success for all children.

Reading into Success hinges on the belief that schools alone cannot be held accountable for the success of students, and that community can impact academic outcomes. The initiative focuses on five key areas: ensuring that children are prepared for kindergarten, increasing student attendance so that they are present to learn, strengthening summer learning opportunities, emphasizing every day reading in homes and classrooms, and improving the hope and well-being of children and their families.

The local initiative, Reading into Success, became a national Campaign for Grade Level Reading community in 2016. The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation is proud to be a partner and member of the Reading into Success initiative.

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