Linn Area Partners Active in Disaster

After the 2008 flood, local organizations formed Linn Area Partners Active in Disaster (LAP-AID) in an effort to address the unmet needs of flood survivors in Linn County. Following those recovery efforts, community leaders recognized the potential benefits of building recovery networks before experiencing another disaster.

LAP-AID, which can be activated by the Linn County Emergency Management Agency, now consists of 13 teams made up from more than 45 local organizations. Each team fosters a variety of skills and perspectives and addresses one aspect of disaster response. Having this network of responders in place ensures that if we experience another disaster, we’ll be equipped to minimize its effects on our community.

The Community Foundation is part of the Resource Coordination and Fund Development Team and leads fund development efforts to address long-term recovery. The coalition meets four times annually to share information and ensure their preparedness. Since 2014 the Community Foundation has also served as a conduit to the knowledge and skills acquired through participation in the Philanthropic Preparedness, Resiliency and Emergency Partnership (PPREP).

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