Community Initiatives

The Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation strives to provide leadership that supports a vibrant community through our role as a community funder. We are proud to provide grants to nonprofits to help them address community needs and opportunities through the mission and work of their organizations. We are committed to continuing and growing these organization-specific grant programs. We are also committed to grantmaking that allows us to support complex topics of broad community importance to target transformational results. These topics generally require involvement from multiple organizations across the nonprofit, and sometimes the governmental and for-profit sectors.

From time to time, we make grants to propel community leadership initiatives forward through the Community Investment Fund. These grants are intended to significantly advance the goals of an existing community leadership priority, and act to catalyze additional action, leverage other investments and/or contribute to long-term sustainability.

All grant awards from competitive funds, as well as the Community Investment Fund, can be viewed here.

Our community initiatives currently include: