Community Endowment Funds

Allen R. and Paula Chapman Fund
Anita and Harold Joe Starman Memorial Fund
Annabelle Leimberer Fund
Arch and Ada Stewart Memorial Fund
Aschoff Family Fund
Beahl Perrine Unrestricted Fund
Beer Family Unrestricted Fund
Board of Director’s Fund
Carl and Mary Koehler Unrestricted Fund
College Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Community Endowment Fund
Community Investment Fund
Community Non-Endowed Fund
Curt and Sigrid Reynolds Fund
Daniel, Lenore and Minnie Rubek Memorial Fund
David and Mary C. Neuhaus Fund
Diane and Scott Ryan Fund
Dr. Richard G. Bausch Memorial Fund
Dr. Richard G. Bausch Memorial Fund (Bausch)
Dr. Richard G. Bausch Memorial Fund (Roalson)
Ed and Joan Hemphill Fund
Edward J. and Betty Altorfer Unrestricted Fund
Elizabeth Bailie Scherling Fund
Endowment Challenge Grant Fund
Forrest W. and Gloria C. Stewart Memorial Fund
Gary L. and Alice Anderson Unrestricted Endowed Fund
Helen McKee Fund
Hope S. Schultz and Margaret E. McKnight Memorial Fund
Irene H. Perrine Unrestricted Fund
Jane and Joe Hladky Fund
John P. and Jean W. Ferring Fund
Justin and Mildred Albright Fund
Kenneth and Mildred Johnson Fund
Kenneth K. Kinsey Family Foundation Fund
Kevin Eck and Sashi Solomon Unrestricted Fund
Larry Hastie Fund
Leona and Kenneth Hastie Fund
Lewis W. and Harriett Van Nostrand Fund
Mabel Wetzler Family Memorial Fund
Margaret Mott Taylor Fund
Martinek Memorial Trust Fund
Mary Bingham Daehler Fund
Maurice Foundation Fund
Metcalf-White Endowed Fund
Mildred M. and William C. Crawford Fund
Mimi A. Meffert Unrestricted Fund
Nancy G. McHugh Fund
Organizational Development Grant Fund
President’s Fund
Program Grant Fund
R. Ray and Barbara Weeks Fund
Robert and Marion South Fund
Russell and Ruth Hess Fund
Ruth Hilda Walterick Fund
Ruth L. Hastings Brown Fund
Scholarship Support Non-Endowed Fund
Stuart McQuiston Fund
Susan M. Thayer Unrestricted Endowed Fund
T.M. and Dorothy Ingersoll Fund
Ted and Maxine Welch Unrestricted Endowed Fund
Vyrl and Martha Justice Fund
William B. Quarton Unrestricted Fund
William D. Nordstrom Fund
William J. and Georgene I. Robb Charitable Fund
William P. and Gayle Whipple Unrestricted Fund
William W. Smith Fund