Arc of East Central Iowa Friends Fund
In honor of Kathleen E. Dean
Melissa and Jason Cullum

Artists in Schools Fund
In honor of Robert Chadima
Stephanie Brandenburg

Community Endowment Fund
In honor of Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
Clifton Larson Allen Employees
In honor of Ron Olson
Nancy  Lowenberg
In honor of Sara Wilson
University of Iowa Community Credit Union

Dr. Ralph Plagman Scholarship Fund
In honor of Ralph Plagman
Mark and Stephanie Johnson
Mary Ann Barry
Baustian Family
Barbara Bloomhall
Thomas Bollinger and Amy Dudgeon
Mary and James Bradley
Jean Brenneman
Bob and Lois Buntz
Richard and Donna Butikofer
Ronald and Mary Capps
Carl and Mary Carson
Joe and LaNae Ceryanec
Richard and Orrine Chute
Jerry and Kay Copeland
Karen and William Desmarais
Jon Dusek and Dina Igram Dusek
Nancy and Jack Evans
David and Chrystal Faltis
Michele and Martin Fisher
Marjorie Fletcher
Brenda Frese
William and Donna Frese
Scott and Julie Gasway
Sally and Steve Gray
Cathy and Marc Gullickson
Luke Gullickson
Marc and Cathy Gullickson
Peggy Hardesty and Richard Socwell
Jade and Brad Hart
Mary Beth and Bob Helgens
Jeff and Carolyn Henry
Todd and Kara Heying
Marlene Hill
Cheryl Hoch
Virginia Hunstad
Maggie and Stephen Jackson
Mary Jane and William C. Jacobson
Kenneth Jans
Jerry Johnson and Lynn Brophy
Timothy and Sharon Kennedy
Jim Kern
Donald and June King
Jillian and David Knutson
Daniel and Nova Kolander
Ray and Clarice Krippner
Mary Ann and Howard Kucera
Darrel and Eloise Larson
Betty and Bruce Lindholm
Beth and Curtis Livengood
Hilery Livengood and Ben Fashimpaur
Linda and Dennis McDermott
Ronald Mussman
Heidi and Jeffrey Nassif
William and Sarah Neff
Diana and William Neppl
Melanie and Doug Olson
Kim and Clayton Parks
Richard and Dee Pitner
Robert and Jean Potter
Thomas and Nancy Pugh
John Puk
Charlie Rohde
Paul and Anne Salamon
Dennis and Linda Schlicht
Carl and Dawn Schuettpelz
Lori and Sanjay Shah
Steve and Valerie Shanley
Peter Sorensen and Ida Martin Sorensen
Douglas Stodola
Lisa and Greg Thirnbeck
Jacob Thomas
Jean and Jim Tinker
Charles and Nancy Weber
Brian and Lynette Weberg
Lynn Wickham Hartman and Carl Hartman
Mark and Molly Williams & Family
Jane Witt
Jane and Richard Zeaske

Friends of Cedar Lake Fund
In honor of Eric Engelman
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids
In honor of Dale Todd
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids
In honor of Felicia Wyrick
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids

Glenn and Mary Wendler Scholarship Fund
In honor of Guy H. Wendler
Admedia Partners, Inc.
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids

Indian Creek Nature Center Charitable Trust Endowment Fund
In honor of Robert Van Cleave
James and Dorothy White

Jane Boyd Community House Friends Fund
In honor of Griff Garner
Katrina and Les Garner

Jerry Oakland Fund
In honor of Jerry Oakland
Rhonda and Ed Betsworth
Bishop’s Special Ministry Fund
Cindy and John Bloomhall
John and Christine Burkhart
William and Sheryl Daylong
Joan Fumetti and Mark Mlsna
Kevin Gowdy
Kevin and Patricia Lagree
Mark J Becker & Associates, LLC
Matthew 25
Emmanuel and Luzviminda Tabelisma
Rebecca Wiegand and Marvin Van Kekerix

Jobs and Small Business Recovery Fund 2016
In honor of Erin Adsem 
In honor of Erin Adsem
In honor of Whitney Anderson
In honor of Frankie Coker
In honor of Ben Haag
In honor of Joshua Haag
In honor of Lucia Sclecht
In honor of Lillian Wilkie
Patricia Connell

Kidneeds Fund
In honor of Brian Bruder
Sal and Lisa Adragna
Brad Aldrich
Peter and Molly Arbes
BAC Design & Advertising
John and Amie Benson
Kristi Bergman
Nicole Bianca
Alan and Kristina Birnbrauer
Brian Birnbrauer
Robert and Nancy Birnbrauer
Patti Brian
Devynne Bruder
Elizabeth Bruder
James Bruder, Jr
John Bruder
Thomas and Elin Bruder
Thomas and Kathleen Bruder
Thomas Bruder
Timothy Bruder
Catherine Bukosky
Maryann Buttenmuller
Thomas Carroll
Charles and Lisa Caruso
Causecast Foundation
David Chen
Kevin Christie
Elizabeth Corr
Meredith Datz
Brent Davis and Christina Kelly
Bryan and Michele Dempsey
Edward and June Devine
Kelly DIamond
Mary Digregorio
Paul and Anna D’Orazio
Carol Dugery
Edward and Alexandra Fenimore
Mark and Susan Foley
Gary and Kathleen Foster
Jeffrey Freimanis
Ralph and Helen Fucetolo
Stephen and Mary Gaffney
Katherine Gallagher
Lori Galletto
Mary and Mark Gibson
Kelly Goggin
Edward Gordon
Albert and Sonia Grabish
Ana and Michael Grabish
Beatrice Grabish
Franny Grabish
John Grabish
Mary Brennan and Stanley Grabish
Michael Grabish
Alan Gray
Beth Gray
Raymond and Bernadette Haertsch
Beatrice Hogan
Joseph and Mary Clare Hogan
William and Alison Holsten
Mary Kay Hutzell
Infinity Wealth Management LLC
Kathleen and Jamie Jozefowski
Lee and Danielle Klein
Michelle and Mark Kochanowicz
Kthree Partners Inc
Mary Alice and Eric LaMorte
Michael Lewis
Brian and Pamela Ley
Nancy Lopez
Mar-Mary Lutge
Kimberly Manchio
Kelly Marriott
Robin Maston
Michael and Colleen McCabe
Katherine McCarty
Rosemary McCarty
Gary and Patty McDermott
Daniel and Donna McMahon
Colleen McMahon-Martinez
Michael and Margaret Medernach
Nimi Meschke
James and Stefanie Micilcavage
Brett Miller
Steven Moffa and Lynne Roehner
David Muir
Coleen Murphy
Dave Murphy
Jeanine Murphy
Janice Nader
Michael Nathan
Keith and Kristin Neiswender
Stephen Nesser
Kevin Okeefe
George and Gail Ozorowski
P.J. Ryan’s
Ronald and Lisa Patterson
Brian and Adrienne Patti
Jason and Katy Peck
Carlos and Rennae Pelayo
Carlos Pelayo
Robert Pestich
Ladonna Peta
Michelle and Steven Petko
Anthony Pipemo
Katherine Porter
Lee Ramsayer
John and Charlene Richter
Bunny Ripp
Jonathan and Melissa Ritrovato
Nancy Rogerson
Anthony and Cheryl Ryan
Joseph and Elizabeth Ryan
Joseph Ryan
Mary Ellen Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Thomas and Marguerite Ryan
Lori and John Salvo
Margaret Schoeniger
Barbara Schultz
Bridget Shanley
Gerald Shanley
Azalea Sharifi
Edward and Benjamin Slagis
Kara Stickley
Maureen Sullivan
Ryan and Jamie Sullivan
Dan Swenson
Tech Force 3, Inc
James and Lynn Tegler
Tom and Colleen Tegler
Glen and Tana Thomas
Todd and Mary Trusk
Heather Tucker
Dominick Vangeli
Edward Varley
Brian Vesey
Kelly and Dante Volpe
June Wilson
Charlie Yorke
Isaac and Donna Zion
In honor of Caroline Gluck
Melissa Meyers
In honor of Danny Harris
Paul and Alison Demyanovich
In honor of Mitch Hert
Kenneth and Jayne Meiselman
In honor of Sarah Hiniker
Joyce and Leonard Jandik
In honor of Kidneeds
Erum Hartung
In honor of Connor Reese 
Lance and Grace Eisenberg
Austin and Andrea Ferrier
Brian and Vicki Hart
Danika Held
Russell and Lauren Hert
HSBC Philanthropic Programs
Kenneth and Jayne Meiselman
Ronald and Catherine Reese
Resurrection Parish
Rotary Club of Randolph
Andrew Shaw
Joel and Suni Simon
Steven Templeton and Laurie Dunn
Christopher and Samantha Treston
In honor of Marcel and Irene Ringava
Mary and Mark Gibson
Gary and Patty McDermott
In honor of Bridget Shanley
Tom Holleb
In honor of Richard Smith
Nicole Meyer Horning
In honor of Richard Smith and Lynne Lanning
Bruce Berger
In honor of Zachary Smith
Debbie and Bob Lutz
In honor of Tanner, Paige, Piper & Reade
Meghan Shanley
In honor of Kristyn Wheeler
Jean and John Seabeck
John and Jean Seabeck
John and Jean Seabeck
In honor of David Yates
Debby and John Miljavac
Larry Miljavac
Mary Jo and Tom Yates

Monarch and Pollinator Zones Fund
In honor of Jamie Thibodeau 
In honor of Robert Thibodeau
In honor of Sydney Thibodeau
Max and Rhoada Molleston

Nonprofit Recovery Fund 2016
In honor of “Coker Cousins”
Margaret Haag

Robert Van Cleave Scholarship Fund
In honor of Robert Van Cleave
Les and Linda Ackerman
Connie Baugh
Henry and Irene Baust
Rick and Dianne Benner Byrn
Teresa David
Pamela and William Daws
Kevin and Tracy Dickel
Carl and Debra Ehrmann
Mary Everhart
Pam Goschke
Sharon and Chuck Grimm
Monys Hagen
Jack Hoehnle
Gordon and Deanna Kellenberger
Anne Kephart
Fritz and Cathy Kinzenbaw
Corwin and Josette Kippenhan
Donna Kraus
Randall and Jennifer Lamm
Shannon Lamm and Kevin Collins
Leon Lintz
Geri Marz and Luanne Zoller
Mildred and Henry Meyer
Tim Meyer
Marianne Moershel
Rebecca Moershel
Lois Morgan
Allyn and Gaycia Neubauer
Brent and Ann Neubauer
Sheryl Ochs
Shirley Reihman
Mary and David Rettig
William and Rebecca Roark
John Roemig
Kerwin and Barbara Rohr
Ralph and Shirley Ruedy
Helen and Lial Selzer
Terry Trimpe and Nancy Hill Cobb
Caroline Trumpold
Leonard and Paula Welsh
Richard Wheeler
Dennis Zuber

West Side Rising Monument Fund
In honor of Gerald R. Hinzman
In honor of Al Pearson
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids