Donor-Advised Funds

Aalderks Foundation
Albert and Laura Strang Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Allan and Sally Harms Donor-Advised Fund
Altorfer Inc. Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Anderson Family Charitable Fund
Ann Dorr Family Endowed Fund
Ann Leslie Wendler Fund
Anne and David Parmley Family Endowed Fund
Badger Family Fund
Baker Family Fund
Bancks Family Endowed Fund
Barry and Gilda Boyer Family Fund
Barry and Nancy Brown Family Giving Fund
Bart and Debra Showalter Fund
Ben Fashimpaur and Hilery Livengood Fund
Bert and Suzanne Katz Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Betty and Rollin Heller Memorial Fund
Bill and Lu Barron Donor- Advised Endowed Fund
Bloomhall Family Endowed Donor- Advised Fund
Bob and Judy Blommer Endowed Donor- Advised Fund
Bob Rush and Judith Whetstine Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Brian J. Worley Fund for the Performing Arts
Bruce and Judy McGrath Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Buresh Family Endowed Fund
Busse Family Endowed Fund
Byers Family Fund
Byers Family Quasi-Endowed Fund
Carolyn and Charles Wellso Donor-Advised Fund
Carolyn Pigott Rosberg Fund
Cedar Rapids Rough Riders Hockey Charitable Fund
Chris and Suzy DeWolf Family Donor-Advised Fund
Chris and Suzy DeWolf Family Endowed Fund
Christoffersen Family Fund
Christopher J. and Jane A. Lindell Family Fund
Chuck and Erma Fellows Foundation
Chuck and Mary Ann Peters Family Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Clancey Family Donor-Advised Fund
Clancey Family Endowed Fund
Cobb Family Donor- Advised Fund
Community 1st Credit Union Impact Giving Fund
Coppock Family Fund
Craig and Jean Smith Family Fund
CRST International Donor-Advised Fund
Cunningham Family Fund
Dandekar Fund
David and Mary Jo Rater Endow Iowa Fund
David and Sherri Justice Endowed Fund
David and Susan Stamm Charitable Fund
David Mahlke Endowed Donor- Advised Fund
Dean and Laura Gesme Family Fund
Dennis and Donna Oldorf Family Fund
Diamond V Corporate Fund
Diane Telfer Endowment Fund
Diane Telfer Giving Fund
Dick and Mary Meisterling Donor-Advised Fund
Dieman-Bennett Dance Fund
Dillman Family Endowed Fund
Discern Endowed Fund
DJ and Abbie Smith Fund
Donald and Rita Erusha Family Donor- Advised Fund
Donnelly Family Fund
Doug and Pat Sedlacek Donor- Advised Fund
Doug and Pat Sedlacek Endowed Fund
Dr. Kim William Lyle Fund
Drew and Jo Ann Skogman Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Duane and Kay Nesetril Endowment Fund
Duane and Kay Nesetril Fund
Duffy and Belva Schamberger Quasi-Endowed Fund
Duncan Family Fund
Endowed Pass-Though Fund
Finch Family Fund
Frank A. and Beverly J. Davey Fund
Frank and Cheryle Mitvalsky Fund
Frank P. and Marie M. Woods Family Fund
Fredrich and Gretchen Mellberg Fund
Frontier Co-op Giving Fund
Gallagher Family Fund
Garner Family Donor-Advised Fund
Garner Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Gary Rozek Endowed Fund
George and Janelle McClain Family Fund
Gerald T. and Karen J. Knox Fund
Ghosh Family Fund
Gilda and Barry Boyer Donor-Advised Fund
GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation Donor-Advised Fund
Gregory and Debora Neumeyer Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Gronstal-Kenney Fund
Hall-Pitts Family Fund
Heidi Lynn Dean Fund
Hoffman Family Fund
Houston Fund for Animals
Informatics Endowed Fund
Iowa Football Club Fund
Jack and Jacqueline Roland Family Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
James and Brenda Clancy Family Fund
James and Doris LeCompte Endowment Fund
James and Rosemary Earl Family Endowed Fund
James W. and Susan K. Turner Endowed Fund II
Jane Cook Memorial Endowed Fund
Jasper Family Charitable Fund
Jay and Bonnie Petersen Donor-Advised Fund
Jay and Bonnie Petersen Endowment Fund
Jean Brenneman Family Fund
Jenny Schulz and John Chaimov Endowed Fund
Jim Spaight Memorial Fund
Jo and Larry McGrath Endowed Fund
Jo and Larry McGrath Quasi Endowed Fund
Joann Elizabeth Downey Fund
Joe and Cherri Lock Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
John and Christine North Donor-Advised Fund
John and Christine North Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
John and Cynthia Bloomhall Donor-Advised Fund
John and Dina Linge Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
John and Dyan Smith Donor-Advised Fund
John and Kay Hegarty Fund
John and Laura Locher Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
John M. and Wilma Ann Wallin Sagers Fund
Josh Holland and Dawn Svenson Holland Fund
Julie L. and Byron A. Tabor Endowed Fund
Katheryn M Boatman Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Kathleen Kleiman and Michael Glavan Fund
Kathleen Lower Aller and Tom Aller Endowed Fund
Kevin Eck and Sashi Solomon Family Fund
Kidneeds Fund
Kirby Family Fund
Knutson Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Kolln Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Kolln Family Fund
Kris and Bryan Davis Fund
Lana F. Trousdale Hake Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Larry and Joni Witzel Family Endowed Fund
Larry D. and Claire J. Sharp Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Leroy and LaJuana Skogman Family Fund
Lewis Bottoms Heritage Endowed Fund
Lewis Bottoms Quasi-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Lil’ Drug Store Products, Inc. Corporate Donor-Advised Fund
Linn County Bar Association Endowment Fund
Loren and Patricia Coppock Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Lynn Wickham Hartman and Carl Hartman Fund
Mark H. Ogden and Iris E. Muchmore Fund
Martha L. Parsons Endowed Fund
Martha L. Parsons Family Fund
Marty and Julianne Smith Endowed Fund
Marty and Julianne Smith Family Fund
Mary and Alan Huneke Fund
Mary and David Junge Fund
Matthew and Corinne Miller Foundation
Matthew Carl Livengood Memorial Fund
Matthew Craig Donor-Advised Fund
Matthew David Dean Fund
McGrath Automotive Group Corporate Donor-Advised Fund
McGrath Automotive Group Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Meffert Non-Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Merit Construction Co.or Rinderknecht Associates Inc. Donor-Advised Fund
Meyer Fund
Michael A. Kudej Memorial Fund
Michael and Dorothy Stallman Endowment Fund
Michael L. Odell Fund
Michael R. and Marla K. Valliere Donor-Advised Fund
Michele M. Matt Fund
Milagros Research Fund
Minette Family Fund
Mohnsen Family Endowed Fund
Myron and Esther Wilson Endowment Fund II
Myron F. and Esther S. Wilson Donor-Advised Fund
Nancy L. Erickson Music Education Fund
Naylor Family Fund
Non-Endowed Pass-Through Fund
Norbert and Donna Hahn Christian Youth Fund
Oldorf Family Fund
Patterson Family Endowed Fund
Paul and Jennifer Morf Fund
Paulson Electric/PEC Communications Corporate Donor-Advised Fund
Paulson Electric/PEC Communications Endowed Fund
Peter and JoAnn Bryant Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Petersen Family New Commandment Fund
Phil and Cherie Thompson Fund
Phil and Cherie Thompson Quasi-Endowed Fund
Rachel Baldwin York and Jerry York Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Rick and Donna Flynn Fund
Rings Family Fund
RJHS Society Donor-Advised Fund
Robert A. Handler M.D. Ecology Education Fund, an Endowed Advised Fund
Robert and Carol Lehman Endowed Fund
Robert and Caroline Kucharski Friends Fund
Robert and Caroline Kucharski Fund
Robert J. and Sue B. Latham Fund
Robert P Zirbel Family Fund
Ron and Sue Neil Endowed Fund
Ron and Sue Olson Endowed Fund
Ruffalo Family Fund
Sally Novetzke Fund
Sara and Dale Todd Family Fund
Sarah Halbrook Family Fund
Schimberg Family Fund
Scott and Sheryl Arensdorf Family Endowed Fund
Sheryl Chehak Lamb and Willis E. Lamb Endowment Fund
Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, P.C. Fund
Silber Family Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman Fund
Stephen and Sara Brandenburg Charitable Fund
Steve and Joanne Carfrae Fund
Steve and Mary Keane Endowment Fund
Steven and Susan Ovel Fund
Susan Elliott-Bryan Endowed Fund
Susan H. Willey Charitable Fund
Tiffany Ann Earl Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
Toborg Family Fund
Tom and Christine Pientok Family Fund
Tom and Sonja Penaluna Family Fund
Twedt-Ball Family Fund
Tyler, Majda, Leo and Willa Olson Family Fund
Van Meter Donor-Advised Fund
Vine Family Fund
Walterman Family Endowment Fund
Wendy Rivinius-Portz Memorial Fund
Wiesenfeld Family Fund
William and Harriet Gasway Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
William D. Severa Endowed Donor-Advised Fund
World Class Industries Fund
Wythe Willey Family Charitable Fund
Zylstra and Earl Family Fund