Nonprofit Network to Introduce Learning Cohorts as Part of Peer Group Model

Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation | November 3rd, 2022

For the past decade, the Nonprofit Network has prioritized connection for peers, learning opportunities, and resource sharing. In 2023, the Nonprofit Network will introduce Learning Cohorts as part of the peer group model. Peer groups are held monthly for nonprofit professionals who work in five areas: Executive Directors/CEOs, CFO/Finance, Managers, Development/Fundraising, and Marketing. Throughout the pandemic and following the derecho, peer groups were held virtually for over two years. These two community-changing events altered both peer group attendance and the type of support that nonprofit professionals needed.

The Nonprofit Network is committed to creating a supportive environment for peer interaction and learning as needs in our community grow or change. As part of that goal, we will introduce the Learning Cohort model in late 2022 and into 2023. A learning cohort might be held in addition to or in lieu of peer group for several months so attendees can explore a topic in depth. The cohort will not only facilitate learning but aim to create deeper connections within the nonprofit community.

The first Learning Cohort will be held for nonprofit leaders to explore the DEI journey for their organizations. Find more information here. This Learning Cohort will be held in lieu of Executive Director/CEO Peer Group in December 2022, January, and February 2023. The Cohort is held through support from the Iowa Council of Foundations. Please watch the Nonprofit Network newsletter for upcoming opportunities.

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