Nonprofit Network Survey Seeks Feedback Regarding Flood Needs of Linn County Nonprofits

Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation | September 28th, 2016


Dear friends,

The Community Foundation staff is currently working in a remote location due to the evacuation of downtown. However, we are anxious to hear about your needs due to flood evacuation and current flooding, and also anticipated needs in the weeks to come.

Please fill out the Linn County Flood, Flood Evacuation, and Recovery Needs survey here. It would help tremendously if you designate one person per organization to provide feedback. The short survey seeks information in these areas:

  1. The state of your facilities.
  2. The anticipation of current and future needs for supporting flood recovery, and if you plan to fundraise for those efforts. We are currently working on a way to promote the fundraising efforts of our community partners through our website.

Please respond by Friday, September 30, at noon.

Thank you for your important work!


The Community Foundation has established Flood Fund 2016 and is currently taking donations at The Community Foundation will allocate those funds to area nonprofits whose efforts actively assist flood-impacted households and flood-related community needs. Individuals needing assistance should contact 211, supported by United Way of East Central Iowa. The nature and extent of the Community Foundation’s response to this disaster will depend upon other resources that may become available.

The Community Foundation has expertise and experience in making grants in response to natural disaster, having awarded $6.5 million through the Flood 2008 Fund eight years ago.

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