2008 Flood Fund Donors

A. N. Palmer Chaper IAAP
A-1 Performance Marine and Indian Motorcycle, Inc.
Aavin Equity Advisors, LLC
Jeffrey and Lea Abel
Brian and Laura Abney
F. R. and V. C. Abraham
Hatem Abumaizer
ACA Corporation
Acme Tools
ACP, Inc
Patrick Adam
John Francis Adams and Mary Eichhorn Adams
Rachelle and Brad Adams
Roberta Adams
Carole Agnello
Daniel Ahern and Kathleen Coon
Ahmann Properties LLC
Jan Aiels
Michael and Dawn Ainger
Gary and Donna Albaugh
Gary and Diane Albers
Billy and Karen Alday
Robert and Lois Alenson
Richard and Barbara Alexander
Alice I. Sullivan Foundation
Allan Custom Homes INC
Allegis Group Foundation
Clifford and Beth Allen
Faye Allen
Jeffrey and Lisa Allen
Sandra Allen
Lloyd Aller
Alliant Energy Fifth Season Race
Alliant Energy Foundation
Allied Insurance
Randall Alliger
E. William and J. Arlene Allison
Bob and Beth Allsop
Alternative Gift Markets, INC
Mary Altman
Altorfer Inc.
AMEE Sales
American Escrow, Inc.
American Golf Foundation
American Legion Auxiliary Colorado Columbine Girls State INC
American Legion Auxiliary Marion Post No. 298
American Profol INC
Shirley Ann Amthauer
Eva Andersen
Margorie Andersen
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Andersen
Phillip and DeEtta Andersen
James Anderson and Mary Bruning-Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Paul and Jean Anderson
Raymond and Betty Anderson
Ross and Kim Anderson
Thomas and Vickie Anderson
Tom  Anderson
Simon and Lindsey Andrew
Nancy Andrews
Andrews McMeel Universal Foundation
James Angelichio
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Anhalt
Anthem Rotary Foundation
Antique Dolls
Albert and Nancy Aossey
Mr. and Mrs. Anace Aossey
Apache Hose & Belting, Inc.
Applied Engineering, Inc.
Nathan and Lisa Apprill
Lori Archie
Alicia Archunde
Kevin and Jolee Arensdorf
Elisa Arespacochaga
Sonja Arlen
Shirley Armistead
David and Pam Arnett
Mark Arnold and Frances Gedney
R. Brett and Susan Arnold
Jacqueline  Aschoff
Donald and Marilyn Ash
Bobette Ash
Barbara Ashlock
Richard Asprooth
Astro-Med, INC
Steven Auchter
Robert and Marilyn Aucutt
Sharon Autrey
Aventure Staffing & Professional Services
Aviano Firefighter Association
Avoca Rotary Club
Bryant and Judy Aydelette
Zeid Ayer
Danielle Ayers
Douglas and Kathy Babb
Arthur Bacci
Sandra Baertsch
Pamela Bagley
Samantha Bagley
Jason Bagshaw
Shelly and Kelly Baier
Vivian Baier
John Baird
Rebecca Baker
Thomas and Pamela Baker
Daniel Baldwin and Anne Ylvisaker
Billy and Kelsie Ballard
Jon and Debbie Bancks
Bancroft Area Rotary Club
Bank of America
Bank of America Foundation, Inc.
Bankers Trust
Marc and Christine Banks
Cathy Bannick
Stephen Banuelos
Briana Barclay
Andrew and Shari Barden
Darwish Barkal
Bruce and Judith Barnes
Keith and Christine Barnes
Lynda Barrow
Elizabeth T. Barry
Nancy Barry
Alvery Bartlett
Lindsey Bartlett
Vincent and Rose Barto
Base Tactical Disaster Recovery
Krystal Basel
Lawrence and Catherine Basile
Suresh Basnet
Kristin Bassuener
Ann Winslow Bastian
Marianne Bastian
Cliff and Susan Batchelder
Battle Creek Unlimited, INC
William Bauer
Connie Baugh
Jason and Stephanie Baumann
Conrad and Jeannette Baumler
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Sula Baye
S.W. and S.J. Bayliss
BE & K Inc.
Mr. and Ms. Rhet Bear
Susie Bearbower
Kathy Beardsworth
Beaton,  Inc.
Michael and Mary Beattie
Dennis Beatty
H. Edward and Nancy Beatty
Sandra and Larry Beatty
Marsha and John Beckelman
Brian and Sherri Becker
Michelle and Gary Becker
Ashley and Troy Beeler
Jo Ann Beer
Miss Jean Beers
Lois Beier
Paul Beisler and Elizabeth Lincoln
R. Lee Belfield
Belden and Rae Bell
Brandon and Amy Beltz
Belz Enterprises
Darcy Bemus
Jeffrey and Julie Benadum
Benchmark Inc.
Jeremy and Amy Bender
Randy and Denise Benish
Bruce and Yvonne Benkusky
Timothy and Mary Bennington
Dedra Benser
George Berg
Thomas and Varaluck Berg
Connie Berger
Gary Berger and Sean Hanas
Thomas Bergstrom
Dan Bern
Renate and Neil Bernstein
Kristie Berntsen
Ron Berquist
Shelly Berry
Berthel Fisher & Company
Berthel Fisher 2008 Flood Relief Non Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Beta Sigma Phi
Becky Bethke
Lane Bettis
Kenneth and Joyce Betz
Robert Bevenour
Nicole Bianchi
Stan and Casey Bickel
Diane Bieber
John and Linda Biedermann
Big Ben Industries
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Bigley
Alan and Diana Billhorn
David and Rita Bilsland
Angela Bizek
Gregory and Katherine Bjornsen
Susan Black
Black Hawks Hockey, Inc.
Barbara and Steve Blair
Moira and Christopher Blake
Chris and Mary Lou Blanchard
Del and Delores Block
Timothy Block
Chris and Patti Blodi
Ottilie Blodi
Wendy and Chris Blood
John Bloomhall
Marjorie Bode
James Boebel
Vernon and Penny Boenish
Katherine Bohannon
Earl and Dora Bohlken
Bohr, Dahm, Greif & Associates, P.C.
Patricia and Dennis Bole
Robert and Nora Bollman
Eric and Meredith Bong
David and Martha Booth
Shawna Booth
Amy Bornong
Harlow and Cheri Bosman
Marilyn and James Boudouris
Crystal Bounds
Terry and Shannon Bouska
Pamela Bowe
Hannelore Bowen
Ivan and Rosalie Bowers
Marilyn Bowker
Gary and Anne Boyea
Tim Boyle
Boyson Dental
Dana Bradley
Bradley & Riley PC
Brady & O'Shea, P.C.
Christopher Braeen and Family
Kathleen and Lawrence Braeen
Costantino Braggiato
John Braley
Branded Apparel
Brian and Jonette Brandsgard
Laura Brandt
Mary Lynn Brandy
Gayle Braud
Angela Breemeersch
Lawrence and Margaret Breimhurst
Kaitlin Breitbach
Jean Brenneman
Kerry Brewer
Laurie Brewington
Amber Bricker
Thomas and Teri Brickley
Bridge Club
Jeremy and Selma Brigham
Thomas and Kathleen Bright
The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
John and Kim Bro
Michele and Doug Brock
Jeff and Ann Brockmeyer
Jill and Bill Brockschink
K.C. Broman
Richard Brondel
Brooks Utility Products Group
Jane Brossart-Boss
Brost Architects & Planners LTD
Brothers Electronics, Inc
Beth Brown
Christine and Robert Brown
Kenneth Brown and Amy Kristof-Brown
Nicholas Brown
Pamela Brown
Russell and Diane Brown
Ruth Hastings Brown
Stanley Brown
William Brown
Brucemore Inc.
Joan Brucha
Rose Bruene
Scott and Amy Bruner
Tracy and John Brunner
Kevin and Megan Bruns
George and Scott Brunscheen
Chelsea Bryant
Julie Bryant and Brad Oppedahl
Buccaneer Computer Systems & Service, Inc.
R. J. and Anne Buchacek
Grecelda Buchanan
Robert and Ann Buckheister
Bruce and Susan Buckingham
Edna Buckwalter
Mark and Lisa Budde
Walter and Andrea Buechner
James and Dorris Buehring
Buffalo Wild Wings
Julie Buhmeyer
Build to Suit, Inc.
Clara Bulfer
Anita Bullard
Bullen Ultrasonics, Inc.
Thomas and Susan Bullinga
Paul and Leanne Burdick
Dean and Germaine Buresh
Kenneth and Dorothy Burger
Paula and Charles Burgmeier
Jacob Burington and Barbara Blake
David and Dorea Burkamper
Jennifer Burke
John and Patricia Burke
Laura Burke
Sherry Rae Dvorak Burke
Bret Burkhart
Kent Burkle
Bob and Kathy Burnes
Jeff Burnham
Allan and Marlene Burns
James Burns and Nancy Kring Burns
Marcus and Megan Burns
Gayle Buroker
Richard and Carol Burr
Benjamin Burrell
Edward and Kay Burton
Charlotte and Eric Butikofer
Richard and Donna Butikofer
Cinque and Charmaine Butler
Mary Butrick
Stephanie Butschi
Steve Buttry
Kathleen Caggiano
Garry and Barbara Cain
Sharon and Robert Caldwell
Cambridge Tempositions, Inc.
Michael and Susan Cameron
Anastacia Campa
Benton Campbell and Yiba Ng
Daniel and Brooke Campbell
Sara Campbell
Tony and Dana Campbell
Campbell Steele Gallery
Ricardo and Yolanda Campos
Can Shed
Gary Canady
Lisa Canney
Dwight and Mary Canning
Frank and Sue Cannon
Ronald and Mary Capps
Captain Briggs House B&B
Evelyn Carano and Linda Meyeraan
Mr. and Mrs. James Caristi
J. Allen Carley
Jane and Christopher Carlson
Paul and Jean Carlson
Randall and Alyce Carlson
Roger Carlson
James Carollo
Judith Carr
Sheri Carstensen
Barry and Susan Carter
Dave and Sylvia Carter
Donald and Marilyn Carter
Doug and Diane Carter
Darin and Holly Carver
Ann Cathcart
Roger and Joy Caudron
Joseph and Misti Cave
Jean Cavin
CCB Packaging INC
Cedar Hills Hair Cuts
Cedar Rapids Ball Club, Inc.
Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Co.
Cedar Rapids Brewing, Inc. d/b/a Irish Democrat
Cedar Rapids Eye Care
Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival
Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance
Cedar Rapids Moose Riders Club
Cedar Rapids Roller Girls
Cedar Rapids Rough Riders
Cedar Rapids Smile Center
Cedar Rapids Television Company-KCRG
Cedar Rapids Toyota Scion
Cedar Rapids Washington Class of '88
Cedar Rapids Welding Supply
Cedar River Soccer Association 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Cedar River Soccer Association Inc.
Cedar Valley World Travel
Suki Cell
Chadbourne & Parke LLP
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Chadima Jr.
Warren Chadima
Stebbins and Pamela Chandor
Chanhassen Rotary Foundation
Paula Chapman
Robert and Patricia Chapman
Will and Elaine Chapman
Ashok and Purnima Chawla
Craig and Maria Cheatham
Judy Cheney
Cherokee Rotary Club
Mary Bess and Ivan Chester
Jerry and Mary Chilton
Carrol Chipokas
Sherman Chisom and D. Kay Andrews
Stephen and Christine Chittick
Sandra Choi
Cy and Jeanne Christenson
Ed Christian
Eric and Mary Christopher
Rolf and Clarice Christophersen
Larry Christy
Henry and Joann Chun
Angelo and Karen Ciampa
Helen Cielo Craft
Brian and Wendi Cigrand
Citizens Bank
City Carton Recycling
City of Cedar Rapids
City of Cedar Rapids Traffic Engineering Dept Employees
City of Hiawatha
City Revealed, Inc.
Florence Claflin
Robert Clancey
Greg and Inge Clancy
Darla Clark
David and Lisa Clark
Lynn Clark
Class of '57 Service Project
Classic Tax and Accounting
Clearwater Real Estate Investments
Tara Clemens
Deanna Clemens-Pedersen
Nancy Clifford
CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
Margo Cline
Amanda Clingan
Club Reign, Inc.
Sandra Coates
Sandi and Pat Cobb
Barbara Cochrane
Coe College
Coffee Talk Cafe
Jodi Cohen
Ralph Cole
Ron Coleman
Tia Coleman
Louis and Sharon Collins
Color Me Green
Amelia Colwell
Julie Comine
Committee to Elect Tyler Olson
Community Foundation for Southwest Washington
Community Foundation of Central Illinois Depository
Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Community Foundation of Johnson County
Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin
Community Foundation of the Great River Bend
Comprehensive Emergency Management Associates, LLC
Conde Management Services, Inc
Roxanne Conlin
Phil and Karen Conlon
Tim and Sharon Connelly
Aaron and Janita Conner
Patrick and Ann Connolly
Shannon Conrad-Maddox
Nicholas Conrardy
Construction Publications, Inc.
Christopher Contard
Joseph and Yara Conway
Arnold Cook
Ed and Jo-Ann Cook
William and Carol Coon
Peter Cooper
Richard and Michele Cooper
Cope Plastics INC
Tranay Core
Cecilia Corken
Karisti Cormier
Marcia and Mark Correll
Mary Ann Costello
Jason Cottingham
Country Coach Heartlanders
Country Inn & Suites
Gordon and Jackie Cover
Covington Rotary Club
James Oliver Cox IV
Dick and Brenda Craig
Lois Craig
Alan Craker
Mary Crandall
Tom Cravens
W Murray and Karen Creasy
David and Olive Crew
Mark Crews
Terry Crist
Dale and Christine Crosby
D. L. Cross
Megan and Joshua Crosser
Bruce and Janice Crossley
CSA Lodge Christa #479
Vickie Cullis
Kenneth and Jamie Cummins
Ed Cunningham
Deborah Curley
Richard Currie and Kimberly Kinney Currie
Curtis Contracting Corp
CVRA Fifth Season Races
Elizabeth Cwik
D A D Manufacturing INC
D.D.M. Landscape & Irrigation
D.J. Auto Sales
Dairy Queen of Linn County
David and Karla Dalton
Michele D'Amato and Anna D'Amato
Daniel Arthur's Inc.
Ron Dardis
Shauna Dart
Data Graphics
Ronald and Marilyn Davenport
Beverly Davey
Stuart and Lori Davidson
Charles and Debra Davis
Darlene Davis
Kristina Davis and Janice Davis
Leslie Davis
Mark Davis
George and Linda Davison
Robert Davison
Dale Davisson
Kimberly Dawson
Christine Day
Elinor Day
Ken Day
Scott Dayhoff
DC Bocce League -  Team "Wild Awesome"
Juan and Lettie De Jesus
Dearborn Electronics, Inc
Betty Debban
Elizabeth Debrower
David D'Eca
Kathi Decker
Christopher Deimerly
Tyler and Maryann Deke
Lisa Del Monte
Karen DeLathower
Michelle Dellamuth
Avery and Laura Dement
Daniel and Barbara DeMeulenaere
Sharon Dendurent
Ann Denney
David Dennis
Irma and Dee Dennis
Lynn Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Dennis and Caleb
Dennis Sweeny Business Consulting, Inc.
Denny's Muffler Center, Inc.
Dental Prosthetic Services, Inc.
Mary Depew
Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery
Melinda Derynck
William and Ruth Deskin
Destinations Unlimited, Inc.
Mike and Anne Deupree
Mr. and Mrs. Steve DeVries
Brandon and Sara Dewitt
Paula Diaconescu
The Diamond Group Inc
Marjorie Dickmeyer
Robert and Nicole Dighton
Roger and Nancy Digmann
Marie Dillon
Karla Dippel
Direct Marketing Solutions
Rosi Disterhoft
Dist-Tron, Inc.
Ditmco Intl
Rebecca Divis
Sharlyn Dixon
DJ Smith Enterprises
Document Destruction and Recycling Services
Documental Solutions, LLC
Raymond and Sharon Dodge
Jeffrey Dolan
Mary Dolan
Dennis and Susan Dollash
Donatech Corp
Erin Donath
John Donnelly
Richard and Barbara Donohue
Jean Dooley
Gale Dorman
Erin Dorton
Chris and Deb Doughty
Dowding Industries of Iowa
John and Cathy Downey
Patricia Downey
Katie Downing
Downtown Albany Business Improvement District
Downtown Norfolk Council
Downtown Sacramento Partnership, Inc,
Downtown St. Louis Partnership, Inc.
Downtown Tulsa Unlimited, INC
Alan and Jenni Doyle
Richard and Mary Doyle
Matthew and Amy Drahos
Angelea Drahozal
Dave Draker
Dana and Thomas Drape
Shannon Drexler Family
Kelly Dreyer
Janet Driscoll
Julie Driscoll
Arthur Drtina
Rachel Druker
Susan Dryden
Melinda Drynck
Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce
Barbara Duenow
Dale and Cynthia Dugenske
Mark Dukes
Joe and Lisa Dumond
John and Donna Duncan
Cindy and Mike Dunn
Rebekah Dunn
Dupaco Community Credit Union
Dupaco Community Credit Union- Dubuque
Kirk William Dvorak
Matt and Jo Dvorak
Kristi Dyer
Todd and Myson Eadie
Linda East
East Central Iowa Charitable Trust
Andrew and Catherine Eberhart
Ann and Bob Eckles
Gary and Patricia Eckley
Mr. and Mrs. David Eckman
Edgar Wibble Puppet Theatre
Susan Edge-Gumbel
Edgewood 5 Seasons Car Wash
Educare Learning Center
Allan and Marcia Edwards
Gloria Eells
Michael Egan
William Egan
Kali Egbert
Jennifer and Dennis Egel
Kelli Eggert
Susan Eggert and Marty Feeney
Aaron Eichenberger
Gregg and Karen Eiles
Andy and Kim Eitel
Ekstrom Industries
Beth Elder and Bryan Leisure
Eldora Rotary Club
Mark and Julie Elias
Jeffrey and Ann Ellinger
Sarah Elliott
Malcom and Carol Ellison
Joel and Sarah Elscott
Jack and Sarah Else
Brian and Monica Elwood
Embrace Iowa
Wayne Embree
Marilyn Emerson
Don and Carlyon Emmons
Employees of AEGON USA
Employees of Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust Co.
Employees of H&R Block
Employees of Omnilingua
Employees of Ruffalo Cody
Employees of the University of Phoenix Online -  Strategic Initiatives Division
Employees of TrueNorth
Employees of United Fire Group
Employees of US Cellular
Daniel Enderson
Joshua Engelbart
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Engelken
Adaline Ennis
Adeline Ennis
Neil and Suzann Ennis
Taketoshi Enomoto
Susan Enzle
Marsha and Larry A. Erb
Erb's Business Machines, Inc.
Rosemary Erenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Erisman
Robert and Linda Erlandson
Mary Ernest
Roma Ernst
Denise Erusha
Thomas Ervin
Kristin Eschweiler
The ESCO Group
Estherville Rotary Club
David and Carolyn Evans
Jack Evans
Mark Evans
R. John Evans
Perry and Lois Ewins
Executive Benefit Services
F & W Service Co
FactSet Research Systems Inc
Elaine Fair Noe
Fairfax Movies in the Park
Fairfield County Community Foundation
RaeAnnon Fairlie
Farber Bag & Supply Co.
Farmers State Bank
Farmers State Bank - Silver Society Club
Fastener Speciality, INC
Amy Faulkner
David and Kimberly Fawer
Julie Fay
Jessica Fazio
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines
Warren and Pamela Feerer
Thomas and Patricia Fehlberg
Jeffrey and Alison Feldman
Matthew Fenwick
Thomas Ferguson
Ferguson Enterprises,  Inc.
Austin and Judith Fernow
James and Connie Fetzer
Stephanie and Raymond Feuss
Chad Fickbohm
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Janette Fiedler
Kelli Fielder
James and Martha Fifield
Fifth Season Cedar Valley
Stephen and Sharon Finger
Mary Jane Regan Finley
Michael and Michelle Finn
First Construction Company
Andy Fischels
Kay and Francis Fischer
Liesel Fischer
Sara Fischer
Sara and Joe Fisette
E.J. and Allen Fisher
Gary and Myrna Fisher
Fisher Group
Fishing Clinic
John Fitzgerald
Jeffry and Carol Fitzpatrick
Melissa Flack
Ann Fleckenstein-Hass
Flecksport INC - Keith Fleck Midwest Tour
Lisa Fleisher
Phyllis J. Fleming
Fleming Family Living Trust
Frank Flentye
Marjorie Fletcher
Flood of Treats Bake Sale
FloodStock 2008
Julie Foertsch
Neil and Julie Foley
Michael and Lisa-Marie Forcier
Nancy and Stephen Ford
Shannon and Andrew Ford
David and Dena Foster
Kay Foster
R.A. Foster
Sarah Foster
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
Four Thirteen, LLC
Rikki Franck
Deb and Mark Franke
Koren Franklin
Franklin High School Class of 1949
Franklin Templeton
Kellie Frankowski
Diane and George Franks
William and Paula Frazier
Wanna Fredericksen
Cinthia Freeman
John and Angela Freeman
Frederick and Jacqueline Freese
Timothy Frey
Larry and Sally Friedhoff
Friends Indeed
Jaclyn Froelich
David Froiseth
Joseph Frost and Joyce Horstman-Frost
Wendy and James Frost
Kathryn Fuger
Megan Fulk
Douglas and Karla Fuller
Thomas and Catherine Fuller
Jeffrey Fulmer
Dorothy Fulton
Douglas Funke and Wendy Willenbring
Gabriel Group
Roy and Deb Gaddis
Kevin and Donna Gade
Mr. and Mrs. Nick J. Gaeta
Bonnie Galbraith
Galena Beads
Galena United Methodist Church
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Gallagher
Danielle Gallo
Laurie Gallo
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Gambach
Kevin and Karen Gamble
Matthew Gamble
Gannett Foundation
Susan Garber
Charles Gardner
Jason and Trisha Gardner
Randall and Jeanie Gardner
Katrina and Les Garner
Brian Garoutte
Marc Garrett
Ronald and Nadine Garrett
John and Mary Anne
John and Fanny Garver
Susan and Paul Garvin
Patti Garwood
Gregg and Patricia Gatens
Gateway Rotary Club
Scott and Margaret Gaulter
John and Charlotte Gavin
Kristin Gavin
Gazette Communications
Gazette Foundation
GE Capital
GE Foundation
James and Susan Geddes
Lydia and James Gehling
Geinetric, Inc.
Marta Gellerman
Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce
Genova Technologies
George Klingler Painting & Decorating, Inc.
George Washington High School Class of 1958
Lauree Gerber
Thomas and Julia Gerhold
Timothy and Marcy German
Deb and Kevin Gertsen
Gail and Joseph Gevock
Tony and Janet Giannini
Steve Gibbons
Phillip and Jennifer Gibson
Warren and Lori Gichard
Catherine Giglio
Philip and Jean Giglio
James and Lisa Gignac
Harold Gilbert
Amanda Gilchrist
Gilchrist & Fettig Financial
Beth Gill
Barbara Gill Kouba
Sharon Gillund
Gerald and Geraldine Gilson
Laura Gingrich
Katie and Matt Giorgio
Patricia and Herbert Giorgio
Jill Giorno
Robert and Terri Gipson
Darrel and Ann Gire
Girls Night Out Vendor Show
John and Josephine Giuffre
Marie and John and Josephine Giuffre
Martha Glantz
Glanzer and Nelson, P.C.
Peter and Megan Glashagel
Cindy Glenn
Global Citizens of Baxter Cherry Hill
Dennis and Christine Glover
GO Cedar Rapids
William Gober
Dennis and Karla Goettel
Roseann Goettsch
Richard and Barbara Goings
Carol and Mark Golde
Trudy Goldman
Gary Goldstein
Lynn Jarosz Goode
Christine Goodendorf
Sara Goranson
Joseph Gordon
Virgil and Mary Lou Gordon
Anne Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Gorman
Paul and Trudy Gormley
Cat Gornet
David and Joan Gradt
Graduate Student Government Assn., Inc.
James and Jamie Graham
Jeffrey Graham
Grainger Foundation Inc.
Salvatore and Patricia Grasso
Diane Gray
Georgia Gray
James and Valerie Gray
Russ and Patti Jo Gray
Gray, Stefani, & Mitvalsky
GreatAmerica Leasing
Greater Cedar Rapids Area Home Builders Association
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Debbie and Dennis Green
Elaine Green
Jennifer Green
Kimberly Green
Virginia Greene
Amanda Gregory
Michael Greif
Gloria Greller
Walter and Penni Griffin
Cary Griffith
Steve and Marla Griffith
John and Sharon Grimes
Ann Grimm
Donald and Marjorie Grimm
Donald Grimm
Kyle and Lonna Grimm
Sue and Duane Groenenboom
Dana Groff

Patricia Grogan
Bill and Janet Gross
Dean Gross
Group Services
Lawrence Grubryn
Lawrence W. Grubryn
Raymond and Delores Grulkey
Renee Grummer-Miller and Melanie Miller
Guaranty Bank & Trust Company
Adam Gudenkauf
Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice
Cathy and Marc Gullickson
James and Jennifer Gundacker
Diane Gunka
Ryan and Dixie Lee Gusta
William and Shannon Haas
Robert and Stephanie Hackney
Irene Haerther
Barbara Hafner
Mark and Colleen Hageman
Ilene and Harold Hagen
Richard Hahn
Faith Haines
Sherry Hale
Brooke Hall
Marie Hall
Shawn and Corrina Hall
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Kay Halloran
James and Sandra Ham
Lori Hamann
Hamburger Mary's
Kimothy Hamer
Alicia and Jon Hamilton
Dennis Hamilton
Beth and Bruce Hammell
Doug Hammell
Mary L. and A. K. Hammell
Herbert and Carmen Hammerberg
Calista Hammes
Joanne and Stephen Hammes
Elaine Hamos and Bonnie Sain
Lance Handel
Jeffrey and Diane Hanft
Julie Hanna
Cory Hannen
Rick and Sharon Hannen
Robin Hanover
Kurt Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hansen
Karen Hanson
Pamela Hanson
Shannon and Eric Hanson
Jonathan Hanst
Mary Hanzelka
Bill and Tami Happel
Harding Middle School
Mark and Crystal Hardinger
Harger's Acoustics, Inc.
Bonnie Hargis
Susan and Edward Harjehausen
Scott and Barbara Harms
George and Kathryn Harp
Ronald and Denise Harriman
Erin Harrington
Percy Harris
Robert and Virginia Harris
Sharon and Bob Harschnek
Dianne Hart
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Hart
Jennifer Hart
Lawrence and Christina Hart
Tim and Jean Hart
Jolene Hartgrave
Barbara and Dave Hartle
Jeanie Hartman
Timothy Hartnell
Julie Hartwig
Gregory Harvey
Jackie Hastings
Janice Hastings
Charles Hattaway
Don Hattery
Bradley Hauge
Frederick and Sara Haumesser
Margaret Haupt
Jason and Jacqueline Hauschild
Matthew Haven
Hawkeye Downs
Hawkeye Electrical Contractors
Kate Hawkins
Robert and Diane Hawkins
The Hawkins Family Foundation Trust
Jennifer Hayden
Marianne Hayden
Tom and Christine Hayden
Becky Hayes
Joseph and Kristin Hayes
Sara Hazen
Ted Healey
Health Enterprises of Iowa
Jewel Heart
Nancy Heaverlo
Edward and Kathleen Heffren
Kay and John Hegarty
James and Sally Hehlke
Bruce and Michelle Heiken
Dr. Bernard Heilicser and Mrs. Marcia Heilicser
Cassandra Heim
Julie and James Hein
Jackie Heinz
Edna Heitmann
Carol and John Helbling
Helen  Burgess-Spring Rev. Trust
Daniel and Lesley Hellerstedt
John David Hellings Jr.
Jill Hellmer
Taryn Helms
Frances Hembera
Ed R. Hemphill
Matthew Hemphill
Julie and Eric Hender
Aaron and Jennifer Henderson
Dennis Henderson
Dennis Henderson Family
Douglas and Joyce Henderson
James and Tricia Henderson
J.K. Hendricks
Trudy Hendricks
Linda Henecke
H.M. and Maree Heng
Erin Hennessy
William and Mary Henricksen
Denise Henry
George and Kay Henry
George Henry and Kay Shive-Henry
Kay and George Henry
Sally Henry
Kenneth and Diana Hepker
Steven Hepker
Jay and JoAnn Hepner
Jerry and Pauline Herb
Mark Hermann
Celine Herrero
Carly Herron
Patrick and Jennifer Herron
Hertz Farm Management Inc
Jan Herweijer
Janet Hettick
Hiawatha Bank & Trust Company
Rick Hickman
Thomas and Myrl Hicks
Julie Hiemstra
Sharron Hiemstra
Cynthia Higgason
Darryl and Amy High
Highway Equipment Co.
John Hill
The Jared & Carol Hills Foundation
Samuel and Amy Hinderks
Nicole Hinderman
Megan Hindman
Hines Interests Limited Partnership
Airo Hino
Tonya Hinton
Michael Hirleman and Nancy Loonan Hirleman
Keith and Helen Hixson
Joe Hladky
Nicholas Hlas
James and Ruth Hodges
Susan Hoehl
Jill Hoff
Betsy Hoffman
Jim Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hogle
Robert and Mary Esther Holland
Jim and Marcia Holley
Stephanie Holley
Chris Holst
Wayne and Anna Holstine
Elizabeth and Michael Holtman
Holzberg-Rampart Agency LLC
David and Barbara Holzhauer
Tracy and Carrie Hoover
Thomas and Brittmarie Hooverman
David Hope and Amber Spencer
Marvin and Catherine Hoppenworth
Christine Hopwood
Lee R. Horn
Jan Horner
Kathy Hornocker
Melissa Horton
Carole Hoskins
Hosta and More Fundraiser
Dorris Hotchkiss
William Hotchkiss
Cathryn Houck
Heather Houg
David and Robin House
Jo Ellen Hovind
Garvin and Peggy Howard
Charles Braeen and Dona Howe
Jon Howe
John and Melinda Howerton
John and Debra Howes
Mrs. Robin R. Howrey
Dennis and Laurie Hoyt
Gary and Marianne Hoyt
Noel and Patricia Huber
Huber & Suhner, INC.
Esther Hudson
Sharon Huffer
Barbara J. Hughes
John and Heather Hughes
Vernon Hunstad
Adam and Sara Hunter
Eric and Lisa Hunter
Hunter's Specialties, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hutchings Jr
Hy-Vee West Des Moines
I B E W Local No 704
I.D.L. Percision Machining
IA Homes For Sale.com
John Ianni
Mr. and Ms. Jonathan E. Ice
Ignition Petroleum
Igram INC
ImageFirst, Aventure Staffing
ImOn Communications LLC
Impact Learning Systems
Impressions, Custom Print & Copy
Industrial Support Service
Alyssa Ingalls
Robert Ingalls
Insurance Associates of Cedar Rapids, Inc
Integrity Fundraising, INC
The Intermec Foundation
Bill Hanes
Iowa Disaster Collaborative
Iowa Solutions
Iowa Telecom
Iowa United Methodist Foundation
Iowa West Foundation
IPC of Iowa Inc.
IPCS Wireless, Inc.
Irene W. and C. B. Pennington Foundation
William Irmen
Ironwood Electronics, INC.
ITC 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
ITC Midwest, LLC.
ITT Corporation
J & A Printing Inc.
J. Becker and Associates LLC
Judy Jackson
Margaret Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jackson
Steve and Lois Jackson
V.R. and R.L. Jackson
La Nel Jacobs
Bill and Rosemary Jacobson
Rachel Jacobson
William Jacobson
Christine James
Mary James
Michellle Jamison
Jana, Inc.
Jamison and Sheila Janda
Janice Cuffel Music Studio
Dean Jansen
Lori Jantzen
Tanya Janulecwicz
Glenn and Bridget Janus
Valerie Jaramillo
William Jarosz and Denise Karlin
Peter and Janice Jauhiainen
Karen Shaff and Steven Jayne
Joyce Jeanblanc
Julie Jeck
Jefferson class of '72
Jefferson Davis Associates
Jefferson High School Class of 1989
Kirk and Jeanne Jeffords
Janet and Loren Jellison
Norman Jellison
Jenewein Family Trust
Jane Jenkins and Howell Felsenthal
William Jenks
Nancy Jenner
Jenny Craig P. W. M.
Sherri and Mark Jensen
Steven and Diane Jensen
Jerry and Jeanette Jessop
Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego
Greg Jewiss
Gregory and Deanna Jobe
Mary Jobst
Joel P Sardzinski and Associates
Judy Vopava and Mr. Roger Johanson
John's Lock and Key, Inc.
B.L. Johnson
Dawn Johnson
Gene Ann Johnson
Janea and Mark Johnson
Jeffrey and Jayne Johnson
Joanne Johnson
John and Cynthia Johnson
Karon Johnson
Kelli Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Larry and Judith Johnson
Lila and Joel Johnson
M Colleen Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson
Pamela and Sam Johnson
Robert and Judith Johnson
Audrey Johnston
Thelma Johnston
Jill E. Jones
Steven, Kari and Tyler Jones
William and Christine Jones
Destinee Jordan
Julie Jordan
James Jorgenson
Mildred C. Joslin
J-TEC Associates, INC.
Jacqueline Juett
Marilene and Richard Julich
Martin and Kris Junge
William and Janet Kabourek
Jay and Kathy Kacena
Clarence Kadlec
Peggy Kahr
Brenda and James Kalamaja
Hassan and Margaret Kalell
Jeremy and Brenda Kalous
Andrea Kaminski
Michael and Sasha Kamper
John Kapinos
Vidor Kapoor
Julie Kasper
Dennis and Teri Kauffman
Audrey Kauphusman
Vincent and Karen Kavlick
Kristen Kaylor
KCI Airport Rotary Club
Keating Family Foundation
Mark and Peggy Keele
Kayleen Keesy
Kegger '09 Fundraiser
Robert Kehoe
Angie Keister
Brenda Kelchen
Richard and Sylvia Keling
Sandra Keller
Merry Kelley
Dana Kellogg and Shelly Wurzer-Kellogg
Matt, Gary and Julie Kelly
Kelly Integral Solutions LLC. Insurance Group, Inc.
Anne Kelly-Berg
David and Amy Kempfe
Laura Kendrick
Jill Kenley
K.S. Kennedy
Steven Kennedy
Gloria Kenney
Patricia and John Kerr
Alan and Karen Kessler
Glenn Kester
John Kester
Tami and Stephen Ketchum
Jennifer Ketelsen
Hope Kettelkamp
Jill Kianka
Marcel and Sarah Kielkucki
Beth Kielts
Chad Kiesau
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kiliper Jr.
Sean Killackey
John and Nancy Kimball
Edie Kimberling
Kimberly Clark Foundation Matching Gift Center
Diana Kimbro
Ray and Wilma Kimm
Donald and June King
Kristin King
Kingston Sunrise Rotary
Jared and Stephanie Kinsinger
Nancy and Tim Kintner
Ruth E. Kinzey
Stuart Kipnes
Dianne Kipp
Joe and Carolyn Kirby
Norma Kirby
Nickelas and Alana Kirkpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kirpes
Flora Kitzman
Jeff and Diane Kitzman
Scott Klees
Jason and Regina Klein
Kenneth and Cathy Klein
Nathan and Stephanie Klein
Tom and Barb Klein
Rachel Klimek
Jeffrey Kline
Julie Klinger
George Klingler
Crystal Kloft
Daniel Klostermann
Julie Kluber
Karen Kluesner
Shirley A. Klug
Lousie Knapp
Scott Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Knoepke
Missy Knowles
Daniel and Carrie Koch
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Koch
James and Carolyn Koch
Sherwin and Aileen Koch
Stefan and Cynthia Koczo
Mike Koenig
Melanie Sue Koepp
Bruce and Jean Koerber
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Koffemann
Inna Kogay and Gloria Zmolek
Betty Kohnen
Terry Kohout
Douglas and Cathrine Kolsrud
J.W. Konzen
Mike and Tammy Koolbeck
Bill and Jennifer Koons
Margaret Kopecky-Donald
Joyce Koppenhaver
Daniel and Robin Koskamp
Mark Koskamp
Ronald Kotaska
Cheryl Koyzis
Leslie Kramer
Elaine Kramer Cortesio and Brain Cortesio
Britta Krantz
Lee Krapfl
Terry and LaDonna Krejci
Jeff and Mary Krivit
Debra Kroll
Shawnee Krueger
Edward J. Krug
David Krumboltz
Ty and Debbie Krumm
Kathy and Steve Krusie
William Kuba
James and Margaret Kubczak
David Kubicek
Brian and Susan Kucera
Gail L. Kucera
Larry and Kim Kudej
Katherine Kunau
Christopher A. Kutcher
David and Elizabeth Kutter
Kyriba Corp.
Nancy and Tom Lackner
Ed and Jennifer LaCroix
John and Sophia Lafferty
Ellen LaGow
Del and Pam LaGrange
Kay Stripe Lahti
Doug Laird
Sharon and Doug Laird
Carlton and Wilma Lake
Lake Design & Decor LLC
Kellie Lala
Eric Lam and Mary Taylor
Bill and Vicki Lamb
John and Martha Lamb
Kathryn and John Lamb
Miriam Lamb
Dan and Marilyn Lambertsen
Alan Lampe
Mary Lancaster
Ruth Lancaster
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Craig and Christine Landa
James and Kimberly Lande
Mr. and Mrs. William Landers
John and Pamela Lane
Karolyn Lang
Dana Langley
Linda and David Langston
Linda Langston
Michelle Langston
David and Karen Lansing
Thomas and Patricia Lanz
Michelle Lapoint
Dennis and Cheryl Larsen
Scott and Heidi Holding Larsen
Carol and Sven Larson
Mary Larson
Pauline and Evan Larson
Ronald and Caroline Larson
Ryan Larson
Sven and Carol Larson
Rita Lasar
Shirley Laska
Edwin and Dorothy Lasko
Sue Latting
Mariette Lavoie
John K. Lawrence and Jeanine A. Delay
Julie and Paul Lawrence
Sylvia Leal
Learn ' Care
Beth Leas
Jennifer and Michael Leaven
Herbert and Edana Mae Leblanc
Jason and Terri Leblanc
Dwight and Arlene LeClere
Caroline Ledeboer and Alan Eacret
Lowell and Dolores Ledford
Ledford Engineering
Sarah Legler
Deborah Leichsenring
Lenore Bohm Leichtag Family Foundation Fund
Russell and Judy Leidigh
Shadia Lemus and Vu Truong
Jay Leno
Lenovo Hope Fund
Patricia Lentz
Steven and Diane Leonard
Terry and Debra Leonard
Thea Leslie
Thomas and Kathleen Leuschen
Todd and Mary Levari
Ivan and Wendy Levison
Jennifer Lewis
Kathy Lewis
Peery Lewis
Bill and Dana Licko
David and Elaine Licko
Jim and Jamie Licko
Judy Licko
Charlyn Lightfoot
Lil' Drug Store Products
Lila and Frank Arney
Richard and Carol Lilledahl
Brian and Jessica Lincoln
Jessica Lincoln
Lindale Mall
Kellie Lindblom
Jane and Chris Lindell
Marcia Lindquist
Virginia and John Lindquist
James and Carolyn Lindsay
Norma Lindsey
Linn County 4-H Youth Council
Linn County Auditor
Linn County Democratic Central Committee
Linn County Historical Society dba The History Center
William and Elizabeth Linneman
Linn-Mar class of 2003
Belle Lipsky
Elsie Listrom
Janice Little
Teri Little
Gary and Marva Livengood
Marion and Jan Livingston
LLB Executive Partners
Laura and John Locher
Marilyn Lodge
Dave Loebsack
Loebsack for Congress
B.L. and Amy Lofland
Emily Logan
Jenny Long
John Long
Michael and Joni Long
Longfellow Square LC
R. and A. Lorenzo
Paul and Susan Lottes
Jeffrey Lounsberry
Loving Care Learning Center Inc
Laura and Jonathan A. Lovseth
Daniel and Darla Lowe
Nancy and Randy Lowenberg
Wesley Lucken
Susan Lust
Annette Lutz
David and Candyce Lyman
Michael and Julie Lynch
Margaret Lyttle
M & M Health Services LLC
Jean Maass
Mr. and Mrs. John MacGregor
Carrie Machacek
Christopher Madsen
Donna Madsen
Marilyn Magid
Sharon Maguire
Paula Main
Main Street Moobile Inc
Mainstream Boutique
Margaret and Marvin Maire
Marsha Maire
MAKO Certification LLC
David Manarchik
Manatee Chamber of Commerce
Manayunk Development Corp
Daniel and Rachel Manders
Steven and Betsy Maniloff
Sharla Manley
Joel and Carol Mann
Mary and Robert Mann
Nicole Manos and Aaron Tritle
Ingrid and John Mansen
Mike and Jacquilyn Manson
Matt and Kristi March
Lauren Marecek
Jim and Cara Marek
Peter and Lori Margellos
Marion Musical Literary Club
J. Thomas and Marilyn Mark
David Markward
Marlin's Special Investigations Inc.
Amanda Marrow
Robert Marrs
Byron and Judith Martin
David and Donna Martin
Kim Martin
Patricia Martin
Martin Brothers Distributing Co.
Alfred and Marjorie Martins
Pam and Kim Marvel
Sanford and Barbara Maslansky
Master Tool & MFG
Michael and JoAnn Masters
Thomas and Catherine Mataloni
Carl and Sharon Mathews
Michele Matt
Matthew 25
Rick and Sue Matthews
Shannan Mattiace
The Maurice Foundation
Carol Maxwell
David May and Ashley Anderson
Mayday Aviation
John Mayeron
Helga Mayhew
Robert and Kathleen Mazzeo
Timothy and Jeanne McAdam
Teresa McAllister
Christopher McAlpine
James McAndrew
William and Lynn McArthur
Brian and Angela McClain
George and Janelle McClain
Janelle and George McClain
Judy McClain
Kate McClain
Tom McClain
John and Linda McCleary
Kevin and Patricia McClimon
Michael and Diane McCormick
Gerald and Linda McCoy
Martha McCracken
Beth Ann McCune
Sara McDermott
Daniel and Kathleen McElaney
Shirley McElroy
Anne McFadden
Nicole McFerrin
Theresa McGinnis
James McGonnigal
Michelle McGovern
Marvelyn McGrath
Donald McGraw
Ruth and David McGuire
Nancy G. McHugh
Ian and Haley McKean
John and Cheryl Mckenna
Linda S. McKinney
Vance and Susan McKinnon
John and Frances McLaughlin
John and Patricia McLaughlin
Kristina McLaughlin
McLeod USA, Inc.
James and Neta McMahon
Erik and Brandi McMaster
Robert and Louise McMaster
Daniel and Karla McMurrin
Jalaa McNeal
Tracy and Sean McPartland
Nicholas Mead
MediaCom / Englert - Movie with Ashton Kutcher
Mediacom Big 10
Antonio Medina
Alan and Marlene Meeker
Harold Meeker
Mary Meggers
Josephine Mehlberger
Jonathan and Shauna Meier
Mary Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Melloy
Larry Kelchen, Jr. Memorial Golf Tournament
The Men's Wearhouse
Mercy Medical Center
Amy and Ronald Merfeld
Donald Merfeld
Merit Construction Co./Rinderknecht Associates Inc.
Merit Resources
Bob and Anne Merkel
Merrill Lynch
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
Patricia Mershon
Margaret Mescher
Metal Etching Technology Associates, Inc
Metco Credit Union
Michele Metivier
Metro North Rotary
Metro Studios
Andrea Meyer
Melvin Meyer
Andrew and Mary Meyers
Robert and Janna Meyers
MGM Mirage Entertainment & Sports
Larry and Angela Michael
Noel and Carla Michael
Donald and Doreen Michel
Microwave Components, Inc
MidAmerican Energy Foundation
Midwest Janitorial Service Inc
Robert Miklo and Matthew Lage
Bettie Miller
Bill and Wanda Miller
Denise Miller
Dennis and Sheri Miller
Donald and Carol Miller
Ellen and Jeffery Miller
Gary Miller
Howard Miller
Jason and Wanda Miller
Jay Miller and Donna Faw
Justin and Milissa Miller
Megan Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Miller
Ray and Judy Miller
Robert Miller
Ted and Sally Miller
Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks
Mariannette Miller-Meeks
Millhiser Smith Foundation
"Million Ways To Help"
Bernadine Milota
Milton-Freewater Rotary
Joe and Jennifer Minessale
Sarah Minier
Jared and Dawn Minkoff
Minnesota Community Foundation
Frank Minnice
Jacqueline Mishler
Glen Miska
Joanne Mitchell
Mark and Denise Mitchell
Carherine and Neil Mittelberg
Cheryle and Frank Mitvalsky
Hiroshi Miyazaki TSC
Modern Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc.
Andrew and Erin Moeller
Michelle Moestue Depository Fund
Shannon Mohrfeld
Moms Club of Cedar Rapids North
Janie Monreal
Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP
Kathy and Brian Montz
Katie Moon
Cheryl and Dale Moore
E. Maxine Moore
James and Rika Moore
Mark Moore
Sally Moore
Tom and Brenda Moore
Tara and Bob Moorman
Z. Morales
Lisa Morano
Chuck Morenco Family
Jennifer and Paul Morf
Meredith Morgan
Richard Morningstar and Judith Witherell-Morningstar
Rina Morre and Annie Cooper
Charles and Cary Morris
Robert and Rachel Morris
Timothy and Jeanne Morrissey
Farrell and Margaret Moseley
Dean and Shirley Moser
Jeffrey Mosic
William and Barbara Moss
Mount Mercy University
Mount Vernon Lisbon Woman's Club
Fred Moyse
Craig and Debbie Mrkvicka
Brandi Mrozinski
MTR Technologies
Ann Mulcahy
Elizabeth Mulcahy
John and Shirley Mulherin
Katie and Ed Mulholland
Jodie Mullinnix
Suzanne Mullins
Jeff and Carol Murdock
Judith A. Murken
Gail and Dennis Murphy
Holmes Murphy Charitable Fund
Michael and Kristen Murphy
Milo and Helen Murray
Eva Lu Murrison
Joey and Jennifer Musick
Barb Mussman
David Mutnick
Heather Myers
Karen Myers
Thomas and Karen Myers
Terry and Sherry Myhlhousen
Patricia Nagel
Nanowave Technologies Inc.
Mrs. W.A. Nash
Daniel and Linda Nasution
National BBQ Cookers Association
The National Benefit Corp
Nationwide Mutual Insurance
Paul Natvig
Robert Naughton
Carla Nauman
George Naxera
Shreyash Nayak
James Nealis
Clarence and Pam Neander
Kristin Nearad
Kay and Kevin Nebergall
NECA Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Division
NECA Dubuque Division
Robert and Charlotte Nechanicky
Kermit and Julie Negley
David and Orla Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Nelson
Jeff and Alisa Nelson
Jon and Patricia Nelson
Natalie Nelson
Ronald Nelson
Travis and Mandee Nelson
William Nelson
Karen and Bob Nemecek
Diana and William Neppl
Larry and Ruth Neppl
Michael and Janis Nesterak
NetJets Aviation Inc
Daniel and Sarah Netolicky
Network For Good
Krista and Steve Neumann
Louanne and Phillip Neville
New York Community Trust
Joseph Newell
Spencer Robertson Newell
Newell Machinery Company INC
Deborah Neyens
Kathryn Niblick
Jeanette Nicholas
Dana L. Nichols
Greg and Lisa Nichols
HJ Nicholson
Janice Niehaus
Jeffrey and Kristine Nielsen
Kris and Jeffrey Nielsen
S.L. and M.K. Nielsen
Gary and Kathy Night
Pheobe and Jamin Nixon
Rachel Njus
Peter and Stacia Nkumu
Randy and Debora Noecker
Thomas Noerenberg
John and Kathleen Noid
Kimberly Noles
Rebecca Norlien
John and Chris North
Northlake-Mandeville Rotary Club
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Bradley and Diane Nosek
Philip and Cecilia Noss
Barbara Novak
Kenneth Novak
Matthew Novak and JoAnne Lilledahl
Novak Design Group
Lucille Novotny
Alvin and Dawn Nunnikhoven
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Nylin
Cindy O' Toole
Dorothy Oakman
Lori Oatts
Kristi OBrien
Kate O'Brien-May
Andy and Kathleen Ockenfels
James and Barbara O'Connell
Steve Odegaard
Margaret O'Donnell
Melanie O'Donnell Olson
Stefanie Oelmann
Marlyn Oeltjen
OEM Products
Mark Ogden and Iris Muchmore
Ann Oglanian
Susan and Abraham Oglanian
Young S. Oh
Steven and Jill O'Hara
Olberg Family Charitable Trust, Inc.
Joyce Oldfather
Peg Ollinger and Julie Jaworski
Thomas and Dixie Olmstead
Richard and Irene Olney
Christopher and Connie Olson
Denis and Carol Olson
Ronald and Jane Olson
Tyler Olson
Scott and Joni Oltmanns
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. O'Meara
Tim and Ninon O'Neil
Debra Orr
Daniel Ortz
Osaka Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Ken and Mary Osborn
Terry and Kent Ostertag
John and Jeannette Osullivan
Missi Otdoerfer
Curtis and Milly Ouellette
Our Lady of the River Altar and Rosary Society
Pamela Owen
Casey Owens
Sandra Owens
Jihan Palenca
Richard and Peggy Palma
Barb Palmer
Eric Palmer

Kenneth and Lauren Palmersheim
Palo Alto University Rotary Club
Donald and Joyce Panter
Leroy and Margaret Pape
Patricia Woods Paretta
Jack Park
William and Darlenne Park
Gordon Parker and Judy Goldberg
Karen Parker
Mr. and Mrs. James Parker
Todd and Stephanie Parker
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Irene Parr
Robert and Joy Pashby
Pamela Pasker
Pate Asphalt Systems
Roshni Patel
Sucheta and Girish Patel
Jennifer Patras
Diana Patten
Janet Patterson
Marion and Rich Patterson
Don and Peggy Patton
James and Vicky Paul
Kara Paulsen
Curtis and Cathy Paulson
Paulson Electric
Douglas Paulus
Paul and Stephanie Pawlaczyk
Jake Pease
The Staff of Pediatric Center
Pediatric Center, PC
John and Julie Peglow
Hazel Pegues
Pella Rolscreen Foundation
Penn, Schoen & Berland Assoc
Pension Employees at the Principal Financial Group
PEO Chapter HJ
Pequannock Valley Rotary
Perfect Vision Productions
Barb Perkinson
Betty and Michael Perry
Kevin and Lisa Perry
Personal Financial Management
Personal Safety Corporation
Nick Peters and Sarah Rialic
Sandra Peters
Burgess and Joan Petersen
Lori Petersen
Michael and Donna Petersen
Prudence Petersen
Carl Peterson
Michael and Barbara Peterson
Philip and Barbara Peterson
Ronald and Dorothy Peterson
John and Maryann Petesich
Anton and Margery Petrzelka
Joel and Kerry Peyton
Mari Phelan
Melissa Phelps
Dennice and Chad Phillips
Jeremy Phillips and Debra Copeland
Thomas and Kathleen Phillips
Mariah Phipps
Phoenix Heat Treating, Inc.
Rebecca Picard
Andrew Pickens
Melynda Pickerell
Tami Pickering
Kathryn Pickett
Ann Pickford
Robert Pierce
Jon Pilarski
Ekaterini Pino
Ronald and Luann Pins
Adam Pint
Donald Piper and Mary Sheka
Bonnie Pisarik
Jeff and Michelle Pitz
Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, Inc.
Dennis and Carla Platt
Mary Platt
Mark and Kristine Platte
Plexus Corp Charitable Foundation
Sharon Poplawski
Kimberley and Bradley Port
Brian and Mary Porter
Kevin and Cherri Porter
Porterville Breakfast Rotary Club
Frances Pospichal
Matthew Post
Melissa Poulsen
Robert Poundstone
Amy Powell
Bryan and Sue Powell
Kathleen Poynter
Arlene Prane
Precision Mechanisms Corp
Preferred Financial Stragies
Premier Escrow Services
Premier Investments of Iowa
Carol Preston
Cindy Preussner
Robert and Charlene Price
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle R. Primrose
Marcia and Don Primus
Casey Prince
Principal Financial Group Employee Fund
The Principal Financial Group Foundation
Principal Financial Group Pension Diversified Services
Priority One
Pro Systems Professional Electrical Systems Inc
Products, Inc
Professional Office Services
Progressive Urban Management Associates Inc.
Patricia Prokop
David and Rema Prosche
Jane Prowell
Thomas Pryor
Brad and Lohree Pull
Wade and Tracy Pursell
Steven and Roxanne Purucker
Elizabeth Putman
Glenn and Diane Putman
Kenneth and Madonna Putnam
Putnam Rotary Club
Dirk Putzke
Mary and Jon Quass
Quik-Pak A Division of Delphon Industries, LLC
Joanne Quinlan
Gerard and Patricia Quinn
Quintrex Data Systems
Frances Quirk
R P Anvil LP
Martin and Connie Rabinovitz
Richard Raczynski
Radiall USA, Inc
Radiology Consultants of Iowa
Brent and Beth Rahn
Charles F. Raines
Rakon America
Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.
Troy and Cherie Ralfs
Mark Ramsey
Brian Randall and Mary Kemen
Melissa Randall
Virginia Randall
Steve and Mary Rankin
Erik and Kristen Ransom
Joseph Rardin
Amanda and Ted Rasmusson
Mary Jo and David Rater
Martin and Roxanne Rathje
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ratzlaff
Richard Raulston
Craig Rawson and Lisa Caron
Kathleen Raymon
RBC Foundation
RCI Imaging Center
Real Property Specialists Group
Paul and Mary Reams
Amy Reasner
Amanda Reber
Recycling Services, Inc.
Red Hawk Embroidery
Red Star Yeast Company
Denny and Jan Redmond
David and Nancy Reed
Spencer Reed
Doug Reese
Elizabeth Reese
Regis Class of 1970
Rehab Management Services, LLC
Dan Rehak
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Reiman
Lorna Reinecke
Richard Reinert
Ardith Reinhardt
William Reinhardt
Martin and Laurie Reinhart
Maureen McDonald Reiter
Margo Remington
David and Elizabeth Remley
Renaissance Group, Inc.
Natalie Renie
Dana Renken
John and Jane Renning
Gerri Repass
Mark and Linda Reschly
Reuben and Muriel Savin Foundation
Sigrid and Curtis Reynolds
Wilson B. Reynolds and Juanita E. Reynolds Fund
Jennifer Reynolds-Smith
Erica and Scott Rheinschmidt
Ronald and Elaine Riaff
Don and Joanne Ribble
John Oscar Rice
M. Maya and Douglas Richards
Alice Richardson
Lew Richardson
Mark Richmond
Richard and Teresa Richmond
Autumn and Luke Ricker
Mary E. Rickey
La Donna and Dean Ricklefs
Kelsey Rico
Margaret Ridler
Kevin Rife
Alicia Rigdon
David and Patty Riley
David and Richelle Riley
Gerod Rinkenberger
Kathy Rinkerberger
Diane Rinkert
Richard and Janice Risdale
The Rivers Trust
RJP, Inc
RMS McGladrey
Dr. and Mrs. Martin F. Roach
Walter and Barbara Roach
Robbins, Russell, Englert, Orseck, Untereiner & Sauber LLP
Derek and Jennifer Roberts
Jack and Diane Robertson
Ken and Judy Robertson
Laura Robertson
Rockwell Collins
Rockwell Collins 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Rockwell Collins Inc.
Rockwell Collins Matching Gift Program
John and Lorene Rodriguez
Earl and Susan Rogers
Gordon and Lynda Rogers
Jason Rogers
Charlie Rohde
Rohde & Schwarz
Rohde Family Charitable Foundation
Jody Rohlena
Erik Roland
Therese Rolfes
Michael and Wendy Roltgen
Michael and Lucy Romano
Ron and Lisa  Brill Charitable Trust
Michael and Mary Rooney
Kate and Richard Rose
Jeffrey Rosenbaum
Sidney and Natalie Rosenberg
Laura Rosenthal
Angela Ross
Susan Ross
Barbara Rossate
Paul Rossberger and Barb Fulton
Rotary - Cedar Rapids Sunrise
Rotary 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Rotary Club Branch 2193
Rotary Club of Bay St. Louis
Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids - West
Rotary Club of Concord, MA
Rotary Club of Elmbrook
Rotary Club of Garner
Rotary Club of Gulfport
Rotary Club of Marion-East Cedar Rapids - Metro Rotary Applicance Project
Rotary Club of Metairie
Rotary Club of Middle River, Inc.
Rotary Club of Quad Cities of Sharp County AR
Rotary Club of Ventura
Rotary Club of Walnut
Rotary Club of Woodland-Luna Vista
Rotary International dba Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids - Daybreak
Rotary International District 7490
Rotary International Monticello Rotary Club #2210
Rotary International--Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids
Rotary of Grand Forks
Elizabeth Rothermel
Pamela Rothlauf
Kristi and Curtis Rottman
Teddy and Shelby Rowe
Stanley Rowen
Manas Roy
RSM McGladrey, Inc.
S. Joseph Rubenstein
Paul and Pam Rubin Family Fund
Rud-Chain, Inc.
Robert Ruebel
Martha and Al Ruffalo
Ruffalo Noel Levitz
Dominique Ruiz
Lee Ann Runy
Judith Whetstine and Robert Rush
Russell Investment Group
David Rust and Joy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ruth
Rose Rutherford
Kevin and Caren Ryan
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Jonathan Rydberg
Mary and Francis Rydzewski
Shawn Sachs
Saft America INC.
Ann and John Sagers
Saint Joseph's University
The Saint Paul Foundation
Donald and Connie Salyer
The San Diego Foundation
Leslee and Michael Sandberg
Elizabeth Sanders
Courtney Sanderson
Mark and Carol Sanderson
William Saporito
Scott Saunders and Sandra James-Saunders
Mary Ellen Sauser
Ralph Savoy
Jenny Sawyers
Aaron Saylor
Darlene Schaefer
Traci and Mike Schaeffer
Ed and Joan Schaffer
Sue Ann Schantz
Gregory and Kristine Schares
Mr. and Mrs. Neal R. Scharmer
Roland Scharmer
Jane Scheer and Robin Hursh
Michael Scheetz
Richard Scheff
Betty Scheible
Claudia Schepp
Janice Scheurs
Meredith Schiffer
James and Staci Schiltz
Jennifer Schissel
Chad Schlager
Sheila Zart and Martin Schlapfer
Travis Schlemme
Sandra Schlesinger
Geralyn Schlotfeldt
Michael Schlueter
Douglas and Norma Schmidt
Jeff and Tracy Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schmitt
C. Schmitz
Thomas and Jean Schmuhl
Henry and Phyllis Schnackel
Kristine and Randy Schneekloth
Sheri Schneider
Schneider Electric/Square D Foundation
Allen Schnell
Steven and Janet Schnoebelen
Lori and Steven Schoenauer
Kathy Schoenfelder
Lori and Brian Schouvieller
Christy Schrader
Michael and Julie Schreckengast
Arleen Schreiber
Lance and Solveig Schueler
John and Janet Schuett
Carl and Dawn Schuettpelz
Janeen and Michael Schultz
Kathleen and Jeffrey Schumacher
Scott and Dawn Schumacher
Larry and Georgie Schuster
Thomas and Christine Schuster
Anne Schutte
Schwab Charitable Fund
Glenn Schwartz
Laura and Matthew Schwarz
Glenda Schweitzer
Helen Schwietert
Barbara Scoles
Nick and Janett Scott
Susan Scott
Wayne and Ann Scott
Kay Scroggs
Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Sealls
Lloyd and Elaine Seaman
Sally Seath
The Seattle Foundation
Michelle Seavy
Julie and Tim Sebetka
Securian Advisors MidAmerica, Inc
James and Lona Sedlacek
Robert and Victoria Sedlacek
Seeds of Faith Lutheran Church
Segal McCambridge Singer and Mahoney, Ltd.
Fyoyd and Dona Seiberling
Kevin and Geri Seiberling
Christopher and Doreen Seibert
Jim and Jona Seifert
Steven and Hillary Sell
Kathleen Serafino
Robert Severson and Lora Freeman
Greg Seyfer
Lisa and Erik Seyring
Ed Shaeffer
Tara Davis and Patrick Shanahan
Margaret Shangle
Bret Sharp
Brenna Shay
Sarah Shea
Richard and Julie Shebek
Maria Shelton
L.L. Sherwood
Steven and Tracy Sherzer
Shirley M Stewart Trust
Thomas Shive
Robin Should Fundraiser
Bart and Debra Showalter
Joe Shreeves and Becky Robertson-Shreeves
Dean and Colleen Shupe
Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, PLC
Valerie Siechert
Glenda Siekert
Darcey Siemering
Robert and Linda Sigwarth
Sikorsky Financial Credit Union
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Elizabeth Silver
Brad Simanek and Tricia Hoffman-Simanek
Killian Simanek
Steven Simmen
Charlie and Julia Simmons Fund
Judy Simmons
Simmons Perrine Moyer Bergman PLC
Roy and Debbie Simonsen
Paula Sion
Sioux Falls Stampede Hockey Club
Marilyn Sippy
Michael and Amy Sir
Robert and Dolores Skalsky
Gilles and Solange Skilling
Skills and Insights, LLC
SkirtSports, Inc.
Bradley and Tamara Skiver
Skogman Companies
Robert and Lisa Slesinger
Slidell Northshore Rotary Club
Rhonda Slowey
Laurie Sluser
Wendy Smalley
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smejkal
William and Patricia Smejkal
Steve Smid
Alice Smith
Jennifer Smith
Jillian Smith
John Smith
Laurie Smith
Monique and Roy Smith
Nancy Smith
Patricia Smith
Richard and Joella Smith
Teresa and Roger Smith
Timothy and Donna Smith
Scott and Sherry Smithhart
Grace Snedden
Roberta Sniffin
Vera Snow
Thomas and Jan Snyder
Justin and Michelle Sobaski
Sopwith Productions
Bonnie Sorensen
Jennifer Sorensen
Sara Sorensen
Leonard Sorgini
Thomas Sorrells
Albert Soukup
Eileen Sousa
Sovereign Partners LLC
Stacey and Theresa Spear
Alyce and Morton Spector Philanthropic Fund #2
Susan and Gary Speicher
Carolyn Sperry
Randy and Evelyn Spilde
Michele Spina
Nancy H. Spivey
Springville Community
St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church
St. Martin Land Co.
St. Petersburg Downtown Partnership, Inc
St. Tammany West Chanber of Commerce
David and Teresa Staab
Bette Stadlen
Paul and Lorna Stadtmueller
Susan and Arthur Staed
Mike Stallman
Cary Stamp
Frances Stanley
Cory Stanton
Joseph and Elizabeth Stapleton
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Stark
Jon and Diane Starkell
DC and JA States
John E. and E. Diane States
Diane Staudt
Toby and Jeanna Stecklein
Carl Steen
Raymond Stefani
Rick and Diane Stefani
Brett and Angela Steffen
Paul and Carol Steingreaber
Joan Steinmetz
Kate Stepanek
Michael and Rhonda Stepanek
Tim and Brenda Stephany
Tammy Stephenson
Dean and Lisa Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Stevens
Steve's Ace Hardware Inc.
George and Polly Stewart
Maryann Stewart
Matthew and Patricia Stewart
Paula and Peter John Stewart
Diane Stickney
Roger and Oline Stigers
Wendy Stivers
Cindy Stone
Eric Stone
Meagan Stone-Fulton
David and Dotty Storer
Storypeople Graphics, Inc
Benjamin Stout
Bob Stout
Bobby and Linda Stout
Renell Strait
Rosalie Strang
Strategic Development, Inc
Adam Strauss
Scott and Angie Strauss
Scott Streicher
Sheila Streicher
Bonnie Streif
Eleanor Streletzky
Shelly Strellner
David and Susan Strickland
Victoria Striffler
Anita Strong
Cynthia Strong
Marilyn Struchen
James and Adona Struve
Jeff Stuckenschneider
Mindy Studer
Matthew Stuefen and Kassie Kromminga
Richard and Margaret Stumpff
Timothy Stumpff
Rick Stusse
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sublett
Successful Living Foundation
Anne Suggs
Debra Sulima
John Sullivan
Mary Sullivan-Pondell and John Pondell
Summary Systems, Incorporated
Amy Sundermann
Susan L  King Trust
Mike and Kim Suther
Keith and Nancy Sutherland
Thomas Sutton
Leslie Suzuki
Dawn Svenson Holland and Josh Holland
Ronna Swacker
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Swanson
Gregory and Paige Swartzendruber
Jean Sweat
Betsy Swecker
Emily Sweet
Gary and Shelley Sweet
Marilyn Sweet
Michael and Karen Sweet
Olive Swendson
David Swenson
Swenson Family Foundation
Marcia Swift
Syagrus Systems, LLC
Robert Synhorst
Jeanette Tadewald
Tails A Wagg'n Doggie Daycare
Takeda Pharmaceuticals Matching Gift Company
Talaski & Co
Anne Tallett
Tallgrass Business Resources
Hendra and Aulia Tandradinata
Aylssa Taylor
Pamela Taylor
Todd and Kimberly Taylor
Peter Teahen
Sara TeBockhorst
Techni-Tool, Inc.
John and Patricia Tenhundfeld
Amanda Sue Teply
Jeffrey Textor
Shannon Thacker
Wendy Thaden
Terry Thayer
Amy Thedinger
Debra Theis
Third Step Enterprises DBA Plato's Closet
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Thirnbeck
Jacqueline Thomas
James and Kathy Thomas
Tommy and Amanda Thomas
Bradley and Michelle Thomason
Byron and Sheryl Thompson
Dale and Joy Thompson
Gary and Diane Thompson
Gary Thompson
Guerin and Mary Thompson
Jeff and Marla Thompson
Jill Thompson
Loren and Michelle Thompson
Thompson National Properties, LLC
Cynthia Thompson-Adhikari
Don and Marilyn Thomsen
Lindsey Thornton
Diana Thrift
Charles and Janet Thulin
William Tiao
Colleen Tierney
Mary Tilden
Beverly and Frederick Timko
Erin Timmerman
Sean and Cynthia Timp
Kent Tisdale
Terrence and Maureen Tobin
Rollo Tomasi
David Tomlinson
Roberta Tomlinson
Kate Tomsic
Melinda Tomsic
The Too Many String Band
Kevin and Melissa Torner
Torr Technologies
Chad Tousey
Tim Tousey
Eric and Sarah Tow
Samantha Towlerton
Liz Townsend
Tyler Townsend
Darlene D. Trachta
Leigh Tracy
Marie Trahan
Joy Tranel
Gary and Therese Treanor
Joseph B. Trecek Jr.
Trenam Kemker
Trendah Fund
Tri at Lake McBride Triathlon
Triangle Community Fdn.
Martha Triebel
Tri-Mount Publications / Tae Kwon Do Times
Tri-Star Electronics International, Inc.
Marjorie and Carlton Tronvold
Harold and Janet Trotter
Shavonne Troupe
Paul and Kristen Trovas
Mary Troxel
Donna Trudeau
TrueNorth Companies
Truist, Inc.
Larry and Barbara Trujillo
Trust for the Future
Demetri and Pauline Tsamis
TSI Plastics, Inc.
Justen and Kimberly Tucker
Shaun Tullis
Wendy and Trent Turner
Karla and Clint Twedt-Ball
UAW 616 Region 4
UB Corp
Katherine Ulmer
Timothy Ulrey
United Fire Group
United Insurance Counselors
United Overseas Bank Limited
United Security Savings Bank
United Way
United Way of East Central Iowa
United Way Special Distribution Account
Bob Untiedt
George Uribe
Ersan Ustundag and Tuba Geredelioglu
UTG, Inc.
Angie Valencia
Jodi Valenta
Art and Linda Valles
Dolores Van Dyke
R. Todd and Deanna Van Horbeck
Van Meter Inc.
Gerard and Sarah Van Rens
Deborah and Joseph Van Voorhis
Nora Vance
Phyllis Vance
Gerald VanderSanden
Mark VanderSchaaf
James Vandeventer
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
John and Diane Vanis
Sandra Vas
Vaughn Farm Company
Vector Corporation
Susan Vedeen
Karrie Velky
Josie Velles
Monte Berg
Monica and Bill Vernon
Monica Vernon
George Veto and Sheila Hibbard
Ronald and Nancy Vickerman
Margaret Vickers
Mark Victor
The Views, LLC
W. H. Vigars
Vickie Vlasek
Sue Ellen and Betty Vogt
Daniel and Kathleen Vondrum
Jeffrey VonWald
David Vos
Merilee Voss
Geraldine Vrbicek
Wabtec Foundation
Wachovia Fielder
Hurbert Wagner
James and Nicole Wagner
Roger and Sally Wagner
Benjamin Wagoner
Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Wahle
Janice Wahle
Wakefield Rotary Club
Brad and Andrea Walker
Cynthia Walker
Dennis and Deborah Walker
Walker Methodist Chruch
Walker Parking Consultants
Michael and Sarah Wall
Sharon Wallace
Justin Wallig
Calvin and Gloria Waltke
Wamco INC
Luann and Dennis Wangeman
David and Sharon Ward
Kim Ward
Loraine Ward
Scott Ward
Kurt and Brenda Warner
Kim Warrick
Washington High School Class of 1998
John and Alice Wasson
Carmen and John Wasta
Roy and Janice Watkins
Richard and Constance Watson
Watson Wayatt Corporation
Frank and Paula Watters
Robert and Nadia Wattnem
Waypoint Services for Women, Children and Families
Colleen Wear
Larry and Susan Wear
Julie Weaver
Weaver Witwer Trust
Peter James Webb
Karlya Webber
Matthew Weber
Barbara Weeks
Jerry and Debra Weeter
David and Jill Weetman
Paul Wehr
Richard and Julia Weidman
Kirk and Annette Weih
Diane Weimer
Frank Weinstein
Weitz Company
Weitz Company 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa
Diane Welsh
Michael and Loretta Welsh
Robert and Nancy Welsh
Scott and Jennifer Welsh
Marek and Kelli Wensel
David Wenzel
Daniel and Carol Werner
Lisa Wernimont
Wes Tech Associates
Cassie Wessels
Kristen Wessels
Margaret Wessels and Kathleen Halupnik
S.E. West
Tamara West
West Seattle Rotary Service Foundation
Frederic and Diana Westbrook
Stephen and Sharon Westbrook
James and Helen Westcot
Brandy Westfall
Westside Lounge
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wetlaufer
Devin Wever
Jean Whalen
Charles and Susan Whetstine
Ely Whitaker
Carolyn White
Raymond White
R. Don and Geraldine Whited
Thomas and Joyce Wibe
DeLoris Wickham
Glen and Shawna Wiebel
Ronald and Susan Wieben
Victoria Wieben
Shawn Wiederin
Wiederspan Gallery
Daniel and Brenda Wiese
Martin and Diane Wiesenfeld
Donna Wiesley
Mike Wiethorn
Wiggins Rotary Club
Sheri Wilford
William and Sharee Wilkinson
Fred and Lois Willhoite
Amy Williams
Arthur and Melissa Williams
Darrell Williams
Felicia Williams
Lawrence and Kristin Williams
Lisa Williams
Michael Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Williams
Nicholas and Bree Williams
Nicholas Williams
R. Patrick Williams
Rob and Alissa Williams
David and Joyce Willis
Sandra Wilson
Stuart Wilson
Thomas and Sally Wilson
Glenn Wiltgen
Cathy Winch
Mary and Nore Winter
Ferris Winterberg
Allen Witt
Faith Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wittnebel
Martin Wittrock
Betty Woito
Robert and Nancy Wojcinski
Steven Wolcott
Matthew Wolfe
Michelle Wolford
Women's Yoga Group
Peter Wong
Louise Woodier
Carlton and Ladonna Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Bart L. Woods
John and Barbara Woodward
Richard Woodward
Kelli Worfford
World Class Industries
World Class Industries, Inc. 2008 Flood Relief Non-Endowed Donor Advised Fund
Shawn Worley and Kealy Batley
Worley Warehousing, Inc.
Sharon and Thomas Worsfold
Dr. Floyd Worth
Amanda Wowk
Debbie Wozniak
WRH, Inc
Gerald and Nancy Wright
Wright Way Trailers INC
Amelia Wuest
Mary Wyckoff
Matthew and Stephanie Yamilkoski
Gary Yanda
James Yanda and Ellen Dreyer
Sandra Yarrington
Corinne Yaw
Yell Adworks
YMH Torrance INC
Erica Yoder
Michele Yoder
Edward and Tamara Yong
Rachel Baldwin York and Jerry L. York
Angela Young
Donna Young
Virginia Youngker
Donald Youngs
F. Michael and Anne Zachara
Abbie Zahler
Mr. and Mrs. Zahradnik
Laurie and Mark Zaiger
Kenneth and Beth Zamzow
Dean and Audrey Zart
Cari and Matthew Zeimet
David and Cyndia Zias
Jerry Ziese
Justin and Sarah Zimmerman
Steven and Mary Zins
Robert and Mary Joan Zirbel
Gloria Zmolek
William and Jean Zmolek
Emily Zousel
Jesse and Sarah Zuba
Connie M. Zuber
Beth Zubrod
Becca Harron and Brianna Zumhof
Brian P. Zumhof and Carol Zhanel Zumhof