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Aligning Investments with Your Values

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Pool at the Community Foundation is designed for donors and nonprofits who want to align their investments with their values. In addition to traditional financial analysis, investments in the ESG Pool are made with consideration for their potential societal impact.

“The environmental aspect of ESG investing is especially meaningful to me. I manage the family farm, where we have always been very conscious of preserving the soil for future generations. The soil is on loan to us to maintain and use resourcefully.”

Mary Junge
Fund Holder
Photo of Mary Junge

Doing Well by Doing Good

ESG investments align with our ethics and values, but they’re also consistent with our investment philosophy, which prioritizes growth and preservation. These investments seek returns similar to those of a traditional globally diversified portfolio, and incorporating ESG criteria can even uncover risks previously unaccounted for.

Allocations of the ESG Pool

The ESG Pool is designed as a long-term investment with expected returns similar to the Endowment Pool. In addition to traditional financial analysis, investment managers consider Environmental, Social and Governance factors in an effort to reduce risk, enhance enterprise value and benefit society. This portfolio invests in global publicly traded securities.

Photo of John Myers

“Nonprofits should be leaders in driving social change. We may be great at what we do, but if we’re not collectively focused on the greater good, then we’re missing something. We have a progressive donor base who always thinks of the ESG factors, so this is a great fit for us.”

John Myers
Executive Director
Indian Creek Nature Center

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