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We’re Here to Help You Invest in Your Community

We’re here to ensure that your gifts will do good work within the community, forever. The Community Foundation provides a simple and highly personal approach to giving and we offer custom solutions designed to meet your charitable goals.

Here are some reasons giving through the Community Foundation may be a good choice for you:

You want to support multiple nonprofits with one gift.

It may be important to you to support several special charities. With one gift, you can support these organizations annually…forever. If you want to have a broader impact, you can create a fund that will allow us to meet future community needs.

You want to give to a cause, not a specific charity.

Sometimes you know the issue you care about–hunger, education, the arts–but you don’t want to give to a specific organization. We can find initiatives and organizations in your area of interest and support them in your name.

You want to leave a legacy that will last.

We manage over 1,000 named charitable funds that will benefit our community…forever. We will always be here, making our community an even better place for your children and grandchildren to live. We won’t ever leave, go out of business or retire.

You want ongoing advice about community needs.

We provide over $12 million in grants each year. We have knowledge of our community’s issues and opportunities. We also have strong connections to nonprofit organizations that are serving our community.

You don’t want the expense or paperwork of a private foundation.

In most cases, setting up a fund with us will give you similar giving opportunities and a larger tax break. The best part? We take care of the administrative details.

You have a complicated financial transaction.

For example, the sale of a privately-owned business or an inheritance could impact your tax status. As a public charity, we can receive your gifts now, while giving you time to plan for your charitable distribution.

You want to secure maximum tax advantages.

The Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program provides an Iowa state income tax credit equal to 25 percent of the value of your gift to benefit one or more Iowa charitable causes. These gifts are not eligible for a state income tax deduction, although they do qualify for the federal charitable deduction.

You want to involve your children in your philanthropy.

More and more families are looking for ways to embrace philanthropy and involve their children and extended family members. We can help facilitate discussions and provide resources and expertise to assist families.

You want your gifts to be used for the greatest needs and opportunities in your community.

Our Greater Good Fund supports competitive grant programs. Donors give to this fund because they recognize that the needs in our community will change over time and they want the Community Foundation to distribute their gifts to meet current needs.

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